How Your Blog Makes You Poorer (And What You Can Do About It)

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How to be poverty free blogging

Your blog is supposed to improve your financial lot… and maybe, make you rich. But, what happens when it instead make you way poorer? Especially at times when you are supposed to renew your hosting plan or when you have other sundry blog running expenses like paying for bandwidth, themes, plugins etc?

Please Note: this is a super short entry and unlike my characteristic writing that spans well over a thousand words, this one will be very brief. The reason is quite simple: the longer the post, the more it would task your attention span. Since this is a grave issue amongst bloggers, I would not appreciate that a sentence be lost.

The Challenge Of Most Bloggers Today

For the plethora of bloggers who sign up for a domain and pay hosting for a website, only a tiny percentage renew their domain names after the initial hosting expires. Fewer still, ever make a penny off their blogs and less than 3% of bloggers are actually making reasonable money online! This is the sad fact and the uncanny predicament of most of the world’s bloggers.

What Can Be Done

If you find yourself in this sort of predicament, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Why I am blogging?
  2. What impact am I making with my blog?
  3. How many pressing questions bothering humanity am I addressing?

You’d be amazed at the sort of answers (or lack thereof) that would pop to your head: the longer and more meaningful the answers, the better. The shorter and less ‘stressful’ the answers, the worse. No answers at all? Restrategize immediately or quit blogging – that is the warning sign many a blogger never heeded.

Sometimes, it’s better to cut one’s loses than to spearhead a clearly lost cause!

Next Wednesday

Blogging should be about connecting, value, help and if you desire it, bucks. If you have no means of making either of these happen, you are left with two options:

  • Change your course
  • Or kindly bow out.

However, I would prefer you choose the former course than the latter. What do you think? See you next Wednesday.

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  1. Emmanuel says

    Hello Akaahan,
    This is indeed your shortest but as usual, will leave everyone in deep thought and I am not an exception.It left me in deep thought as well. With respect to how your blog can make you poor, one thing is clear, it means something is wrong and obviously asking yourself those questions especially the second question matters a lot.
    What impact am I making with my blog? If the impact is zero, there obviously need to be a change!

    • says

      Hello Emmanuel,

      Sometimes, to pass a great message across, you simply do not need many words…in such events like this, words tend to confuse and (even intimidate) making the whole essence of the post lost.

      Can you imagine that most bloggers are actaully not making a penny online after even their first year?

      Make the day great.


  2. says

    Hi Akaahan,

    Will this is an excellent post intended to make us think. You have done a marvelous job of putting that question in front of us.

    And for the benefit of others who might like to read my comment here are some of my thoughts:

    1. If your blog is your hobby, it is still a way better hobby than spending hundreds of dollars every week with friends in a party or in a movie theater. That case an excellent hobby.

    2. If your blog is your business then compare it with any other business including the most powerful business concept and with the lowest barrier to entry – network marketing. Is there any business in the world that you can operate in less than $100 a month? I doubt that. Is there any business in which you have guarantee on even any return on your investment if you don’t take it seriously, don’t do it consistently and don’t do the activities that are supposed to do?

    In any case, if you do the thing other than a job and you want to succeed in it, it is going to cost some startup cost, some operational cost on a monthly basis, some work towards making money no matter how smart or intelligent you are.

    So, I don’t think your blog can make you poor even though it’s a hobby for you. I would rather have a blog and not make any money than not have a blog and not have a voice online.

    Just my two cents… :-)


  3. says

    Indeed a grave issue. The issue here is many are opting for blogging for earning money, it should be a part time work or shouldn’t be a area of focus.

    Delivering value should be the prime focus, but we often run after money and in the process lose more of it. One should definitely try it, but if they are not getting the success trying harder is the choice, but one shouldn’t push too hard. Moving on to something better should be the next game plan.

    • says

      Hello Rohan,

      I completely agree. As a blogger, value should be the focus and when you’re doing this, monetization and other things good come naturally on their own – often, without effort.

      I wish many bloggers learn this – and learn it fast! Sometimes back, I was brought to the realization that I was running “just another WP blog”. In as much as that was an unpleasant truth, I simply had to face it! And then, direct my focus more on my initial blueprint: poverty and allied matters.

      Be sure to make the day a great one!


  4. says

    Hello Akaahan Terungwa!

    Blogger nowadays faced several problems, mostly with bloggers who earns less or those who haven’t experienced to target their blogging goal.

    I concur with your opinion that your blog is supposed to improve your financial lot and maybe, make you rich. However, due to plans, plug-in, host and domain name, and a not so good performance of your blogging career make things worst.

    It worth it to read all in all, I am pretty sure that they will think and dig deeper for answers.

  5. says

    Hi Terungwa

    Great question to ask. I watched a Gary Vaynerchuk video yesterday where he said in his usual rant style that if we were not creating content we would not be in business in the future. My over simplification of his message but in essence that was his message.

    I am in total agreement with Kumar as there are many of us in network marketing who blog to have our name out there. That is why I blog.

    I am looking forward to what you follow this post with.

    Have a great rest of your week Terungwa.