You Are Your Own Worst Enemy!

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 You Are Your Own Worst Enemy!

Why everyone generally wishes to be successful, the sad reality is that not all will actually wind up successful or even close! While this may be quite a harsh truth that you may not be ready to face, embracing it and actually picking up something up may just be the difference between success or failure for you.

You are going to learn a classical lesson: you are your own worst enemy!

Hey Terungwa! Why do you say that? The reasons why I have said that are many…but first things first.

You Spend Your Time Poorly

When you are very great at spending your time in a very poor manner, I sincerely wonder who you’d say is your enemy if not yourself. Chit chats here and there, a little rest (and procrastination) and a general ‘killing of time’ ensures that after the 24 hours allocated to you are over, you sincerly wonder what exactly you did with it!

Successful people (who are not their own worst enemies), are very fanatical about the concept of time. They understand its fixed nature and also appreciate the fact that once lost, it can never be regained! And therein lies the ultimate secret of ensuring that you don’t become your own worst enemy!

An enemy may at worst harm you or wish you ill. But, if you have no respect for your own time, you’re worst than that enemy: for how exactly will you progress in life?

Your Belief System Is Faulty

I see this everyday: persons who believe God for the miracle of a car but have no intention of working hard, people who sincerly think that some deity is responsible for their poverty, people who are 100% certain that they are predestined to be one thing or the other at their birth and no amount of effort can change that etc.

The truth about most of such beliefs is that not only are they completely archaic, they are completely false and overpoweringly self limiting. The truth always remains that you cannot rise above your thought. Now, the logic is: ‘if your thoughts are so limiting that you cannot live a very basic comfortable life because of them, how do you expect to amount to anything?’

It’s a great idea to dare what it is that is your own limiting belief. Believe me, in more than 99% of cases, they are wrong, completely wrong. What exactly will you lose by discarding such?

The Friends You Keep May Also Be The Problem

The logic is devishly simple: ‘show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’. Your associates first make an impression about what you stand for in life and the values you hold dear. But, after that impression is made, something more amazing takes place: these friends change you from who you were to what they want you to be!

There is usually no challenge if what they want you to be is better than what you already are. However, if that is not the case, then you’ve got some big challenges to face! From bad, the adjective could easily change to worse…If you are already on the worse plane, then, be rest assured that the next adjective for you will be ‘worst’!

Choose your friends very carefully…they can easily make or mar you. And it will be all your fault!

What Books Do You Read?

Apart from friends (which you have direct contact with), books also play a very crucial role in defining who you are and may free you from the burden of becoming your own worst enemy.

The question always remains: what manner of books do you read?

In as much as books are encouraged, there are some books that should be kept as far from one as possible: books written by half wits and people with a clouded sense of reasoning, books written by racists or books written by authors who have a secret hidden agenda they aim to promote by writing and selling such books are supposed not to be read by any serious soul.

I have a nice recommendation of 10 books you should read in your 20’s. The list is quite comprehensive and it is doubted if the books mentioned won’t positively change your life and circumstance.

What you read is usually ultimately your own business. However, when you read trashy books that generally have no impact on either your life or circumstances, then blame no one for your woes – you are simply your own worst enemy!

Choose A Great Neighborhood – Or Become Immune To Yours!

Your neighborhood, to a large extent determines what you think is ultimate reality. If you live in a low class neighborhood, great chances are that you’d grow up hating the rich and all the trappings of wealth. In essence, such an environment makes you hate and snob the rich! How then can you ever become one yourself?

I once lived in such: we felt the rich were snobs, didn’t have time to socialize and were generally stingy. Well, that was true for me (and my buddies then). Looking back today, that is simply one of the biggest misconceptions about reality and wealth we made!

The rich, thinking in retrospect later, knew exactly what to do to ensure they were wealthy. Funilly enough, that did not include dishing money as tips (why should they? Didn’t they work for theirs?);wasting time in the name of socializing (which time would be used to tackle their numerous businesses?) or socializing with folks that really had nothing to offer them!

Do you see the reason why you must leave that ‘backstreet’ neighborhood of yours or at worst, live as though you are not part if it?

It’s A Day!

Today is Sunday…I’ve got to get to church on time. My request is quite simple: let me know what you are thinking via comments below and share this entry so that your friends will understand that they are their own worst enemies!


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  1. Naveen says


    Excellent article that worth time spending here, the first and foremost thing we struggle is how to manage timings, coz most of us spend most of our time on social medias that is the bad thing

    We work all the day without gauging the conversions is other factor that why we’ve no coversions.

    So firstly we should learn time management skills.

    Thanking you.

    • says

      Hello Naveen,

      It’s a great idea that no one should be an enemy to him/herself. Sadly, if you specialize in wasting time on social media, then great chances are that you’ll definitely wind up a failure unless of course your social media activities are paying handsomely.

      Thanks for your time and comment here…you are genuinely appreciated!


  2. says

    I completely agree with you. We are our own worst enemy. In most cases, this is glaring and expressed through lack of discipline. We often know that to do but lack the spirit and determination to do the NEEDED.

    The belief system is one of the root causes of failure. Belief system controls all other reasons given in this post.

    A very helpful post Terungwa!

    I have shared this comment in – the content syndication, aggregation, and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers and bloggers, where this post was found and “kingged”.

    Sunday – contributor

    • says

      Hello Sunday,

      The lack of zeal and determination to do the needed is obviously another great and unique way of looking at it. In real life for instance, if you place gold across a scorching fire for instance, few would dare run through that fire for the gold…as a matter of fact, many would willingly accept the reality that they prefer to actually wind up poor than risk the fire!

      I appreciate the new insight and engagement…your comment and time are appreciated in a very special way.


  3. says

    Hello Terungwa,
    People who limit their thinking, who cannot envision possibilities, those who believe they are not worthy of succeeding are the ones who sabotage their own efforts and their relationships with others.

    Many people who would otherwise be a bright light, whether they realize it is a choice or not, embrace mediocrity, settle for being less than they can be.

    I schedule time to read books every day as part of my discipline. If you’ve never read the book “Your Own Worst Enemy” by Kenneth W. Christian, Ph. D, I highly recommend it. He asks a number of very specific questions in relation to personal characteristics, master and other skills, self-defeating habits, rationalizations and justifications, fears, goals, work style and temperament. He also outlines 15 tasks to take as action steps.

    Do have a great week ahead!

    Kindest Regards,

    • says

      Hello Bill,

      My most overpowering belief is that many men unwittingly limit their potential. Why being truly great isn’t a day’s job, anyone can live a truly great life if they actually get in sync with the correct principles and practices that ensure greatness, worldwide.

      Thanks for mentioning ‘Your own worst enemy’. I will check out the book as soon as possible. Please, do have a very great day!


  4. says

    I’ve got to confess sometimes I find myself spending time on things I have no interest and when I realize that I simply check my must “do list” and start working for a hope. A hope that never dies, I believe I’ll make enough money online, money to satisfy my needs, family needs too.

    • says

      Hello Dan,

      Your dream shall surely come to pass…just make sure that you work very hard and smart and never become your own enemy, no matter what.

      I appreciate your time and comment here. Do have a very great day!