Wondershare Photo Recovery For Windows Review

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Wondershare photo recovery is a friend in the time of need and worry. When your photos are accidently lost because of any reason then you should not go anywhere if you have this wonderful photo recovery tool. It can recover your all photos, videos, and audio in a few minutes in the original quality in which they were taken. This software is just LOVE.

 Recover Lost Photos

Same scary incident happened with me when my memory card was formatted mistakenly. For the moment, I couldn’t even breathe because it had my important documents, videos and a lot of photos. I was worried and shivering but was so unable to help myself that time. Then I looked into my hard drive and saw that my documents and videos are still there because of the backup I performed 3 days back. I was happy I got them all (sigh) but unfortunately I had been lost my photos. I had photos of family and friends in my phone as a memory but I had lost them. I was cursing myself for pressing just one wrong button that formatted my memory card.

I spent 2 hours in searching any photo recovery tool on the internet. I downloaded few of them but all in vain because no one was able to recover my photos and instead of helping me out of my trouble, these softwares spread a stupid virus in my laptop which deleted those photos as well which was already in my laptop. I got so furious and called a friend and told about all what happened. Talking to him was a relief when he convinced me to use this Wondershare photo recovery software.

So I downloaded this software and used it. It was simply amazing. I got my all photos back not only from my memory card but also on my hard drive in few minutes. Every next step was so smooth and I was satisfied naturally (by following its instructions) that I will get my data back for sure and so it happened.

Yes, this gave me my all photos back. All I did was just scanned my files by the SCAN button in the software and then got my all photos recovered in a local directory by just one click on RECOVER. The best thing was that I had so many options to filter my desired format of photos. With this software you can scan any type of format you want, jpg, gif, png, psd, or whatever it is.

The best, you can also PAUSE or STOP the scanning process by pressing the corresponding button in the primary window of this software and then you can choose to CONTINUE or STOP. You can press “CONTINUE” to resume scanning again in the same session, but choosing stop meaning stop the scanning process. What I liked is the SAVE option that appeared when I selected the STOP button. This means the software can save the achieved scan results of the current session to resume again in a later session. You can notice the option of “Resume Recover” in the primary screen of the software that enables you to import saved scan results to resume a previous scan results.

Along with all this, you can also preview your picture before getting them recovered; in short, it enables you to check which pictures you want to recover. All in all, Wondershare photo recovery tool got me out of my trouble and saved me. It turned my furious face into a smile in minutes and gave me a type of happiness which no other software could give. You can use the trial version that is available on internet to make sure that your lost photos are there and can be restored, then and once assured you can purchase it. It completely worth its price for what it is capable of. It’s a life saver.

Moreover, Its completely virus free software and there is a guarantee that no virus would come along if you download this so feel free to download it and use it because such incidents can happen with anyone and as I mentioned, there are few viruses that come along softwares and format your hard drive or delete your photos and documents. So in this time of need, your friend Wondershare photo recovery tool has not gone anywhere, just download it and your problem is solved. This Wondershare not only helps with your memory card or hard drive but in digital cameras and flash disk as well. So it is simply a thing which everyone and every laptop needs!!

You can download this awesome tool HERE.

Thank you Wondershare!



  1. says

    I have no experience with similar software, I have tried to recover those photos that were deleted from my Hard Drive. But I didn’t found any software which one help me to recover back. Is Wondershare helping to recover those images which were deleted?

    If yes then how? can you guide me

    • says

      Sure Abdul,

      Simply download the software and follow the instructions…if you run into any challenges, I’d be very glad to help you out.


  2. Miliee Cyrus says

    For the first time i’ve been carrying out with this software..Is this really up to the mark??

    • says

      Hello Miliee,

      The Wondershare software, like it’s name, offers truly wonderful service; you’d be glad you tried it out. Have you downloaded and tried it yet?


  3. Darrien Gordon says

    With this application, photo recovery on Windows is very simple. But, if it fails to recover any image on memory card, Remo Recover tool provides the result up to the mark. Remo Recover is a great competitor of this application, which can restore all types of images from different memory card and memory sticks.

    • says

      Thanks for that input, Darrien. It is a great idea that a substitute for this awesome photo recovery tool actually exist. It is however my belief that it’s use would not be necessary.