“Why is my Alexa Rank not dropping?”, “My Alexa Rank is suddenly going bad!”, “How do I rank better on Alexa?” If you’ve ever asked this set of questions as regards Alexa Ranking, simply read on – I’ve got the answers you seek!

You cannot relegate Alexa to the background if you’re a webmaster. This metric of measuring a site’s relevance is very important and should be handled with all the seriousness it deserves. However, if you’re fresh in this whole issue of Alexa and rankings, I’ll suggest reading basic tips on getting a better Alexa Rank. This post is dedicated to webmasters who have started noticing a dwindle in their Alexa Rank and have no idea what exactly went wrong.

why is my alexa rank dropping

So, what caused your Alexa Rank to take a downward dwindle? There are many reasons this could happen. However, listed below are the five most popular.

Your Content Isn’t Fresh

The web loves fresh content – and Alexa is no exception. The rationale behind this is simple: with fresh content comes relevancy that users enjoy and make something out of their online experience. The exact opposite is the case. A site/blog that isn’t updated frequently would rarely have a great rank.

But apart from the fact that fresh content is adjudged more relevant and hence ranked better, is there any other reason why Alexa should prefer fresh content?


Alexa, like Google, has bots and crawlers which crawl the entire web in a serious bid to decide which sites are worth their rank and which are not. Now, if your site had been crawled and subsequently, the bots find nothing new to be crawled again, they may never bother visiting your site again at least for some time! That is the way they are programmed!

The effect? During that time, your ranking drop steadily! That’s the way Alexa works!! First answer to the question: “Why is my Alexa  not dropping?”

Consistency Is Your Problem

If you assume that blogging is a lazy game where you only come to post when you’re bored, you’re in for it! In my experience, it is much more than that!

You need to set a pattern that is consistent and stick to it, no matter what. Alexa bots love sites that they can authoritatively predict would post on so and so a day. In their laziness, they may visit your site only the days they were taught (by you) to expect an update.

None? No problem – they simply go away, your rankings drop and you start wondering: why is my Alexa Rank not dropping?

The best way to tackle this is to blog daily. Many bloggers would disagree but the results of those who blog daily and those who blog three times a week or a mere two is always clear. Choose. But choose wisely – the facts speak for themselves.

Your Traffic Isn’t That Great

Blog traffic isn’t one of the great metric Alexa uses but it sure is an important one. If your blog really has poor traffic, it’s going to be a miracle to have a great Alexa Rank.

Decrease in your overall traffic would also mean dropping of your blog’s Alexa Ranking. The task would now be on you, if that is your case, to drive traffic to your blog. When you have quality traffic flowing to your blog, you’ll not need to ask: why is my Alexa Rank not dropping?

You’re Reluctant To Promote

When you start experiencing a serious drop in your Alexa Rank, before you start asking, why is my Alexa Rank dropping, you must first of all re-evaluate your overall blog and post promotion. This is because amongst other things, Alexa takes into consideration the social indicators to really place a site.

You may have been promoting your site and it’s posts passionately and then slowed down or all of a sudden, stopped. Do not go about helplessly asking, why is my Alexa Rank not dropping? That would not be as important as simply resuming your full campaigns, especially on social media.

And you’ll see results. And fast too!

You’re Lazy And A Great Copy Cat!

The whole world hates lazy people. Search engines do. You do too and Alexa is no exception! If you happen to be a ‘blogger’ that simply relies on visiting popular blogs and scraping content there, then you may keep asking why is my Alexa Rank not dropping? for some time. In fact, you’re in deep poo!

If you keep scraping, forget about a better rank. Around 500k, well, you may reach there. Under 100k, virtually impossible!

Why is this so? Immediately Alexa bots and crawlers find duplicate content in their crawl mission, they simply determine which site published first and immediately rank down the copy cat!

Is it clearer now? What exactly are you guilty of? Correct it and enjoy your rightful rank!

Over To You!

I love sharing and writing and talking, no doubt. But these things can be very boring when done alone. Why not join me? How, you ask? Comment and share so that none of your friends go around asking: why is my Alexa Rank not dropping again!


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