The Secret Of Getting Whatever You Want: 5 Tips That Don’t Fail!

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Everyone I’ve met wants to get whatever it is that they’ve desired all their lives. Many would work hard, lie, cheat and even kill to get what they want…but the sad reality is that many seem to try all their lives and never get to achieving their dreams while some persons effortlessly achieve dream after dream. What could be the secret of getting whatever one wants in life?

It is hardwork? Could it be luck? Does destiny have a hand in it?

I gladly tell you my distinguished reader that it is none of the above. Or at worst, it is a pleasant combination…

If hardwork, luck or destiny are not the ingredients for getting what one wants, what else could be responsible, dear Terungwa. Simple. 5 Tricks that never fail – and here they are!

Get whatever you want


Very often, we are told by our parents (or older siblings) to work hard if we’re intent on getting what we want in life. What these good ‘advisors’ of ours fail to tell us is that the farmers of Africa and the factory workers of China are the most hardworking group of persons in the whole wide world.

…and yet, they are the most poorest.

Why is that? You ask. The reason is quite simple. These group of persons believe in the power of their brow and are simply not interested in learning what the meaning of smart is.

What exactly is smart work? What constitutes it?

  • Smart work is thinking before you begin any task and not approaching your duty mechanically.
  • It is doing today’s task with a conscious effort to make it better than the previous day.
  • It also means consciously looking for ways to improve production in your chosen endeavor. It must be understood that as you increase production, you should decrease the amount of physical strength or exertion but possibly quadruple production.

Are you a hard (and smart) worker or you’re the African farmer/Chinese factory worker?


Life is quite funny. You may deserve the best – but if you don’t push forward and really hold on with all your might, life may simply give you nothing, not even a little when actually, you deserve the best!

But how is that, Terungwa? Simple.

Your mind is quite a little beast that will prefer to lie and idle away if you give it that luxury. However, when you fail to cooperate and leave it with no PLAN ‘B’ by burning all your bridges, it in conjunction with your entire self automatically runs on overdrive. That singular sensation that registers in your mind: it’s either I succeed or perish, puts you in no mood for failure. And it’s when you’re in no mood for failure that you take a step towards success.

However, burning up one’s bridges may not be feasible for those with a faint heart or persons who have the lowest of self esteems. For all such persons, the classical advice would be: keep all your options open but act as if you’re left with only one option!

But if I be heeded, I still recommend one and one thing only: BURN THOSE BRIDGES!


Desire is the starting point of all achievement. When one desires something to the extent that he/she thinks about that which is desired throughout the day and dreams of the same subject matter at night, a strange thing happens…

Failure ceases to exist!

For such a person, trekking across three continents for that which is desired is a possibility. Such a mindset and brain registers nothing called failure! It is thus when that mode is activated that achieving whatever you want becomes a reality.


The great tragedy that most of humanity faces is competing with friends and associates even when it means less than average results. We measure our progress by constant comparison with friends and close associates and approve or disapprove of ourselves accordingly.

No matter how low our associate’s standards may be…That is the great tragedy!

To get whatever you want, you must strive not to outdo the fellow next door, but instead, be intent on outdoing yourself! Outdoing yourself means being better than you were yesterday, being wiser than you were yesterday, producing more than you produced yesterday etc.

What is the import of such a style? You develop yourself to an extent where all your dreams become a work over for you! Remeber, you’d be 10X better at the end of the year if you adopt this strategy.

Who says there are impossible tasks again?


Many of us have a corrupted perception of failure: we believe it is bad and by all means, must be avoided. This faulted reasoning has its firm root in the educational systems of the world where ‘failure’ is punished and ‘achievement’ rewarded.

However, what most of these ‘top scholars’ who brutally enforce such an archaic system of reasoning fail to understand is that the whole world operates on the level of using failure as a leverage to achieve success.

If you don’t attempt and fail, how will you know what works?

Let’s take the issue of a newborn infant. How many of you, my dear readers would stand calm on your toes should a new born infant start working on its own, eating solid food and talking? My guess is none! Maybe, the mother?

However, from being blind and helpless, this baby learns to open its eyes and adjust to light intensity, smile and eventually sit. The first attempt at sitting is usually a tragedy (there is yet no exception!). The baby ‘crashes’ many times before it masters the act of sitting. So is it with crawling and other major developmental stages. There is always multiple failures before success is recorded. The baby however does not give up and say: ‘Aha! This is too tough!’ Instead, it learns and progresses and in the end, that baby comes out triumphant – a full grown adult: YOU!

Why then is that we quickly forget we were conquerors even as babies and never were deterred by failure? That answer may just be what is stopping you from getting what you want!

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  1. Adrienne says

    Hi Akaahan,

    Am I really the first person to comment on this post? I’m finding that hard to believe.

    I love this subject because most people do believe that all you need to do is work hard and everything will come to you. I do believe that working hard and smart are great combinations but also you truly have to believe with everything that you are that you will get what you desire.

    I hate to use the word “want” or “need” because those words mean lack to me. Now I’m not a life coach and I don’t teach people how to get what they want but I know for me it takes the right action steps, truly believing in yourself, visualizing that you already have it and repetitive action every single day.

    I think where most go wrong is they expect it to happen on their timetable and that’s just not possible. It’s up to the Universe and no one else.

    That’s just my take on this my friend but I know it’s worked for me!

    Thanks for sharing this and have a beautiful week.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne,

      Its nice to have you stop by.

      If few people knew what you know, we would all be achieving our dreams faster.

      Concerning the comments, the policy of the blog is: ‘comment adds value to post/discussion = approve’; ‘comment adds no value to the post and is just added for a link = delete’.

      Do also have an excellent and fun filled week!

      – Terungwa

  2. Inyavic says


  3. says

    Hi Akahaan,

    Thank you for writing a thoughtful post. I know that one can work hard all day, but it’s the working smart that usually saves you a lot of wasted time and energy. Part of the ‘work smart’ equation also involves preparation, without which many unnecessary mistakes are made.

    Having a clear vision of your purpose and being internally motivated are key elements to success.

    In your Burning Bridges section, you mention the word ‘push’. I think of determination I just mentioned in terms of an acronym I made for the word PUSH… Persist Until Success Happens.

    I don’t know of any successful person who hasn’t had a number of failures. There’s just no quit in them.

    Have an inspired week. :)

    • says

      Hello Bill,

      Thank you for stopping by.

      I completely agree with you that to succeed, one must actually push till success materializes itself…however, I never knew you developed an acronym for it: PUSH = PERSIST UNTIL SUCCESS HAPPENS. Now, that’s brilliant!

      I also hold firm, Bill, that success is simply doubling our failure rate. The classical rule is the 80:20 principle: you must be prepared to fail 80 times to gain victory for just 20 times.

      Thanks once again for your input and do have a great day!

      – Terungwa

  4. Anthony says

    I believe every one of your words in this post, you’re really spot on Terungwa. I can’t just believe I’m not reading all of these great advices for free here.
    The challenge of oneself consciously to better the past days has more greater power and it’s much more effective because the results are there for you to see, it is your effort, you know how you got there and you should surely find a way to do better than what they were.
    As if that part alone seems to have given me something satisfactorily today, but you made me doffed my hat for you with the last analogy. How soon do we forget that we are conqueror even from the toddler? I think the whole world over need to be reminded this part, even when we knows nothing, we try and put in more effort to learn how to sit, craw, stand and speak despite many failures and we are better of them all today. This is a fundamental reasoning for anyone to know that, with determination, we can achieve whatever we desire in life. I must share this post for my friends to read, it’s really insightful.
    I must appreciate you Terungwa, you’ve made my day for me. Thank you and God bless.

    • says

      Thanks Tony.

      You really make me feel like a genius! I was genuinely bothered that even as kids, we were conquerors of Napoleonic standards. Why is it that as we progress in life, we become pathetic cowards?

      Man can achieve anything he wants to achieve – its just a matter of putting his mind there!

      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a great day!

      – Terungwa

  5. Al Green says

    All of your posts are full of such great content!

    My two favorite parts of this one are about failures being guideposts instead of stop signs and to make a conscious effort to be better every day.

    I am always striving to get better. I have the fire you described. It just burns all day and night. I want to succeed so bad! But I need to start being more conscious about what I’m doing. I’m taking action steps, but they are somewhat haphazard. What I’m going to do is create a better plan of action and work consciously to acheive my goals.

    Along the way there will be failures. I’m going to remember to learn from those and not to let them stop me from moving forward.

    Thanks again my friend,
    Al Green

    • says

      Hello Al,

      I’m glad I’ve succeeded in being such an inspiration to you. But aside, I’m really flattered!

      On failures being guild posts and not stop signs, my life literally changed the day I discovered that truth!

      Do have a great day, Al. And thanks for stopping by!

      – Terungwa

  6. says

    Sometimes i just believes luck exist in getting successful in no times. All what you listed above are facts. You can get whatever you wants. I think it’s far beyond believing, hard work and determination and consistency and one thing, loving the path you’re treading in can help get some of those things.