7 Online Business Tips For Beginners

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Online Business Tips For Newbies

Online business tips are sought for by beginners who want tricks and tips on the act of making money online. Truth be told, there are no fast rules on online business tips. The tips offered here and elsewhere are meant to serve as a guild on your entrepreneurial journey into the already populated jungle of making money online!

Fear not though! These tips will guide you – I have used them myself to great effect!

Online Business Tips For Beginners 1: Patience Is Gold!

Why you started your blog and what actually keeps you thinking constantly of blog posts ideas is a little surely what I do not know…what I know bothers you, I’m sure, is ensuring that you get results from your efforts, right?

Let’s look at some scenarios you might get wrong in your bid to be a better blogger and while you should be a little bit patient:

  • You have properly done on page and off page optimization for a particular keyword. During your keyword research, you understood that the particular keyword you are targeting has low competition but so much high volume of search entries in a month. Gbam! You craft a post that only a genius can using that particular keyword and to your greatest surprise, after three days, you can’t find yourself on even Google’s 10th page! Haba!
  • After publishing a great post, commenting and leaving your links on over 100 webpages, you still have no incoming links pointing to your blog after 48 hours. What could be wrong?
  • You have recently monetized your blog either with Adsense or any other ad program. To your dismay, after a whole month, only 3 clicks have resulted and your account statement reads something like $0.1. What are you getting wrong?

Nothing is my guess! In the first instance, your posts, no matter how well optimized may not rise to the fore of search engine results if you have got a newly registered domain. There is what is called a domain’s authority. The higher this authority rank, the easier you rank in search engines. What is important for you is that this authority hardly favors newly registered domains…it will in future, maybe. Having said that, give your post  at least 90 days before you complain!

In the second instance, links takes time before they propagate are are recognized as incoming to a blog. Be patient! Two weeks to a month is  great time to give. I’d however counsel that adverting your link on more than a 100 web pages is considered spamming and may return more harm than good!

As for your third point, I’d counsel greater patience. Who buys from a stranger? As a newbie in the business of  earning money online, you are wont to be regarded as a stranger. After all, many bloggers/online customers don’t know you yet! Calm down…when you’re known better, clicking your ads will be as natural as your writing blog posts! This, I’m afraid, may take you more than 2 full years to achieve!

Online Business Tips For Beginners 2: The Money Will Come – But Not Immediately

It is sad to see how otherwise great blogs/online entrepreneurs  go down because the webmaster in charge lost patience and instead of thinking about value, was busy thinking about the money!

We all need money to be successful bloggers/webmasters, no doubt! But no one should make money his/her primary objective of sharing with the world. My advice?

Blog. Catch the fun. Share – and the money with catch you!

Why do I advice that you catch some fun while blogging? Bloggers who blog for the fun of it and not necessarily for the money blog excellently! They produce content that their readers crave and in the long run, make money more than they thought was ever possible! Emulate them!!

Online Business Tips For Beginners 3: Whatever You Do, Think Traffic

Many bloggers who are inexperienced attempt to sign up for Adsense immediately after creating their blogs or doing this just when the blog is 2 weeks, has about ten articles, is receiving 70 unique visitors per day and only about 200 page views in 24 hours.

That’s too poor!

In real life, we hate traffic and whenever there is an upsurge of it, we immediately think its a real bad day! In Online Business however, you’re sunk without traffic! Traffic is what converts into money for online entrepreneurs!

Let’s use the 80 – 20 rule for a clearer illustration of the implication of traffic for your business. This rule states that for every 100 pitches made, expect only 20 percent positive response! Now, that 20% in online business does not represent the money yet – it represent those asking “how much?”.

It is from those who are interested in your product that you get your final positive response. This means, for a blog that generates only 100 unique visitors a day, expect only 4 clicks per day with this traffic level. That may not even mean a single cent!

Got the gist?

Online Business Tips For Beginners 4: Working Online Is Harder Than Offline!

For the majority of newbies who are looking for online business tips, the temptation to believe that earning one’s living online is actually a simple, stress free and quite a  lazy way of earning money is great!  Do not be fooled – it is not!!

Earning money working online, if truth be told, is actually ten times harder than working offline! This is especially true when you begin your business. Why?

  • You’ve got to make your visitors have a reason to check out your blog/website often.
  • You also have to give them a reason to buy whatever you’re selling.
  • You have to establish your authority and
  • You also have to make sure that you not only drive traffic to your site – you have to concern yourself with actually driving tons of it!

Now, things can get interesting…if you want to be an average earning blogger, you can relax after the first 2 years. But if you want to rise to the top and emerge as the best blogger possible in your niche, you’ve got to work even harder as your site becomes more popular. Remember, competition is fiercer at the top! You may even need to avoid sleep altogether…

Are you prepared for this?

Online Business Tips For Beginners 5: Content Alone Isn’t King

I weep when in this age and time, many so called ‘gurus’ are arguing that content is king! It is not – get used to it. Or, to put it more appropriately, content alone isn’t king – some other features have to crown it the king it seeks to be!

Some of the ‘king makers’ are:

  • On and off page optimization
  • Blog promotion
  • Proper and intelligent keyword research
  • Established pattern of updates etc

Understand this point…and understand it well if online business tips mean anything to you!

Online Business Tips For Beginners 6: For Every Premium Version, There Is A Free Version…

When newbies (or even seasoned pros) attempt to come online with their blogs or businesses, they are faced with a plethora of software, themes, plugins etc that promise to make the journey a smooth and fast one…

Truth be told, most of these premium versions are not really what you need to achieve success online.  They are simply the projects of very ambitious bloggers who (like you) want to make an extra stream of income too!

But then, if what you need is very important and you can’t productively do without it, try getting an alternative. For SEO, SEOPressor is premium while WP SEO By Yoast is completely free! Great plugins like CommentLuv have both free and premium versions…it would not take genius to understand that trying out the free version is a great way to deciding whether the premium one is worth it or not.

Or don’t you agree?

Online Business Tips For Beginners 7: Heed Advice, But Take Only What Actually Works For You!

There are quite a number of online business tips for beginners/dummies or whatever. While some of these advices are great, if truth be told, many technically qualify as trash!

Some however do not qualify as trash though, but are meant for a different category of internet users; while some ideas are great in certain geographical locations and actually fare poorly in others!

Your job?

Choose the advice you receive wisely and only follow what actually works for you!

Some Great Resources To Further Help You Understand Online Business Tips Better:

Your Turn!

These are perhaps the greatest online business tips you can find on the web today…However, I may be wrong – kindly comment and let’s get the discussion rolling! You may also consider sharing so that your friends will benefit from the knowledge you just gained!

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  1. sherman smith says

    Hey Akaahan,

    I think a lot of us thought going online will be the easy way out and we’ll make money in a very short time. At least that’s how I thought. I couldn’t have be more wrong. It actually takes a lot of WORK!

    But I like the fact that newbies need to build a great reputation first before anyone buys from them. It’s not about the tools, or even about how much you promote. It’s really about engaging online. Thank God for Social Media! But the more you engage, the more people will get to know you, and the more you’ll start getting traffic to your sites, and the more sales you’ll get. It’s not a short process but it’s beneficial in the long run.

    I also like the last point you made. You must choose the advice that works for you. One one person may say is the best strategy or tool may even work for you. It could depend on your niche, geographical area, etc…So definitely filter out the advice that doesn’t work and choose the ones that’s going to take you to the next levels.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Hello Sherman,

      You are not alone! Most of us were also fooled that earning online was an easy and lazy man’s way of making quick money…but alas, I tell you, making money online is 10X more difficult than offline!

      But then again, before people buy your products, it may take a while! Who buys from a stranger? These are things the newbie hardly knows before he steps foot into his first online venture!

      Thanks for stopping by – do have a great weekend ahead!

      – Terungwa

  2. Kumar Chandan says

    Hi, Akaahan,
    If content is the king then promotion is the queen. So, if you think you have created a good content and it is enough then it is hard to believe. You have to give proper exposure and promotion though social media and blog commenting.

    Seriously, making money online is a though nut. :(
    WE have to have patience, without it we get ourselves no-where.
    I love all all your idea for starting a business online. Yes all line business is tougher than offline because we have to deal with our clients 24*7.
    Thank You for sharing it with.

    • says

      Hello Kumar

      You are very correct…we deal with our clients round the clock whereas other manner of businesses close as soon as the sun is down and serve only a select fraction of the population.

      This makes this business model the most difficult and complex!

      Thanks for stopping by and observing correctly!