Monetizing A New Blog: 5 Great Ways!

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How To Monetize A New Blog

Monetizing an old, established blog with tons of readers is no big deal…even a grade kid can do that. However, when it comes to monetizing a new blog, even the most seasoned of online entrepreneurs is a bit skeptical. Eyebrows are raised and serious questions asked.

How in hell do you intend to do that?!

Simple. Calm down and follow carefully, the steps outlined in this entry. After that, monetizing a blog will be child’s play irrespective of the fact that its a new or established blog.


  1. It is assumed that the blog you intend to use these great ways of monetizing a new blog on is at least 1 month old.
  2. It is assumed too that the blog has at least 15 articles that are more than 300 words in length, are of high quality and have been properly optimized for search engines with the aid of  such tools as SEOPressor and WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  3. It is also assumed that you know what you are doing. Your overall strategy would be dependent on whether you simply want to use third party advertisement services like Adsense or Infolinks, sell adverts on the site directly or become the mouth piece of another by means of affiliate marketing.

Why do I assume (or rather recommend) that you have the above three conditions in place before attempting to monetize your blog?

Simple. A fresh blog that is about a week or less may not have been indexed by the search engines. The implication is that it may not be getting the required organic traffic that a blog needs to leverage on when it comes to making money online.

Secondly, by using tools that are specially designed to help make your content more search engine friendly, the chances of many searchers landing on your site, spending some quality time and clicking on your adverts is actually high. Why? These group of persons were actually looking for something before they landed on your site. Greater chances are that as they are on your site, the may still be looking…just that this time around, they’ll be looking by clicking ads!

Finally, it is assumed that you know what you are doing. It is important that your blogging frequency, life and niche determine what type of monetization you should actually use. A highly specialized niche site may be wise to be an affiliate of related products but may be quite a failure selling direct ad space especially to a market and an audience that do not have respect or understanding for that niche.

Enough of the stories, Terungwa, I’ve got all of these…now what next?


5 Great Ways of Monetizing a New Blog

1. Sign Up With Infolinks

Infolinks is an advertisement network that determines user intent in real time. It monetizes blogs with smart ad units that help overcome banner blindness and intensify engagement.

When you sign up and implement infolinks to your blog, keywords will be dotted (or underlined twice) depending on your setting. You can also change the color of such a keyword to either blend with your content or stand in sharp contrast with it.

Infolinks has other monetization options that include “in search”, “in tag’ or “in frame” ad units in addition to the most popular “in text” option. The greatest appeal of Infolinks is that it does not make your blog look clustered and the payout is fast and efficient. On reaching the $50 dollars threshold, you may request for payment via Payoneer and cash out your money almost immediately on any ATM machine, the world over.

You can sign up with Infolinks HERE.

2. Sell Ad Spaces Directly Or Partner Like A Service Like BuySellAds

Selling ad spaces directly is one of the greatest ways to monetize a blog. When I launched Notopoverty, I was under the impression that till I commanded 30 thousand unique visitors a day, selling ad spaces was a no – no for me.

How wrong I was!

I sold out my very first ad space when I had less than 100 unique visitors a day!

However, the key to selling out ads on a blog that is new (and does not have impressive stats to intimidate advertisers) is pro-activeness and extreme hard work. I made it a hobby to send out at least 5 proposals everyday to prospective advertisers…before I knew it, someone requested for my rates!

There is a proposal format I learned from Michael Hyatt of MichaelHyatt.Com and I present it here verbatim:

Hi [name], I have decided to begin running a limited number of ads on my blog. I think your product would be a perfect fit.

But, to be honest, I don’t know if it will be beneficial to you or not. So, here’s what I’m thinking. How about we run an ad for 30 days and then assess the results?

If it generates traffic for you, you can decide if you want to continue on a paid basis. If not, no problem. We’ll pull the ad and still be friends. What do you think?”

There’s no harm in following what Mike suggests. It does no harm really and works magic. Every two out of ten I sent this sort of proposal responded and 1 out of 20 eventually picked up an ad slot. Is monetizing a new blog not really easy?

Don’t forget however to get a smart ad page for yourself. For this site, you’ll find the ad page here. It could be fun using such plugins as Ads by, OIO Publisher, or Easy Ad Manager.

Or, if you’re a bit lazy about monetizing a new blog (and don’t mind sharing the revenue), you could consider BuySell Ads.

So much for this point. Can we discuss another way of monetizing a new blog?

3. Sign Up With Ad Dynamo

Ad Dynamo is also a great way of monetizing a new blog especially if you’re in Africa. Earning with Ad Dynamo is as simple as signing up, generating HTML tags and placing those tags in your blog’s theme or template.

The good aspect of Ad Dynamo is the different payout options. As of press time, this ad company pays out its partners via the Ad Dynamo card (that is issued by them), Paypal and Direct Bank Transfers.

Signing up with Ad Dynamo is quite easy. Simply click HERE.

4. Go The Chitika Way

Chitika has over 300, 000 publishers that would ensure leverage for its participating members. The company also delivers intent driven ads to the right user, at the right time and in the right place. Sign up with the company is free and the website integration is famously only thirty seconds.

In addition, Chitika runs a Referral Program where participating members could introduce others (mainly bloggers and webmasters) to the program. Such memebers earn 10% of the referred publisher’s account for the first 10 months!

You can sign up with Chitika HERE.

5. Consider Clicksor

Clicksor is also a great platform when thinking of monetizing a new blog. It uses contextual targeting which scans for keywords and matching relevant content with the ads.

Clicksor also has an array of  over 10 ad formats, pays via check or Paypal when your account balance with them exceeds $50.

If you are thinking of monetizing a new blog (or an old one), consider signing up with Clicksor right HERE.

Over To You!

This list is by no means exhaustive…that I’m sure. Why don’t we help newbies by providing other means of monetizing their new blogs that are not listed here?


I’m pretty sure you enjoyed this post and learnt something new. 😆

Share it with your buddies and let the joy you have transcend to them!

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  1. Amiti says

    These are all great ways, but newbies should not start adding ads until they have created a small reader base. Create good content-get visitors-add adverts. I would recommend getting blogs onto at least during the first month to get a little exposure.

    • says

      Hello Amiti,

      You’re so correct – that’s why I suggested that the blog be at least a month old.

      Thanks for stopping by and do have a great day!

      – Terungwa

  2. says

    Hello Terungwa,

    What an excellent article. I love when somebody teaches something based on a well done research or through the lessons learnt through a personal experience.

    Thank you for sharing your experience of running ads and selling ad space on your blog. I think this gives hope to many people who are yet not confident to do what you did.

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week!

    • says

      Hello Kumar,

      In this age of blog explosions, it’s very easy to fail. I believe it’s our sacred duty to help newbie bloggers reach to the stage where we are now: the stage of the blog sustaining itself.

      It’s not easy though…and I tell my readers that. Usually, there is this wrong notion that earning money online is easier than offline… That’s a big lie!

      Thanks for stopping by Kumar. Do have a great day!

      – Terungwa

  3. Inyavic says

    @Akaahan Terungwa, thanks for the post. I want to sell ad spaces on my blog. Please help me with the advertisers email address you know and how can i get email addresses of advertisers?

    • says

      Hello Victor,

      Thanks for stopping by. However, I regret that I cannot forward email addresses of my clients, both past and present to you – that’s unethical.

      However, I’ll show you a cool means of collecting these emails yourself: simply Google out the keywords of your site and watch the results that roll by. From those results, pick the ones that appear most prospective to you, click on them and search for their email address once you land on their site.

      Alternatively, simply look around your competitor’s blogs and extract the email addresses of clients who are already patronizing them and see if you can pitch them.

      Thanks for stopping by Vic.; do have a great day!

      – Terungwa

  4. Mitch says

    Hey Akaahan,

    thank you for the list but i must say that i am familiar with most of the programs in your list and they do require a minimum set of requirements that sadly new blogs cannot provide.
    except for Infolinks which is great and have a low set of requirements , but a new blog would never make into Chitika or BuySellAds , or Clicksor .
    i believe the most important step to monetize a new blog is to be patient and work on your moz-rank and pagerank and serp rank, (—>why ? because that’s what direct advertisers are interested in and real money comes from direct advertisement not from a 0.01 $ per click program <—) so the real money will come later when you're blog is ready.
    i believe there's no way to monetize a new blog, unless you consider 0.05$ per day is monetizing !!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

    • says

      Hello Mitch,

      Thank you for your comment – I highly appreciate it. While I agree essentially with you, there are some points I have to make clear:

      1. I have clearly stated that the blog must at least be one month old. During this month, it is expected that the blog would have garnered up some reasonabl traffic (how do you monetize otherwise?)
      2. The points enumerated are as against Google Adsense. We all know that no matter the traffic a 1 month old site is receiving, Google will never accept it into its program. Remember?
      3. You can sell ad space on a site that has less than 10000 page views a month. It depends on your pitch of the particular advertiser and how you can convince him that your visitors are quite targeted and the exact audience he/she need…who knows? You may get lucky. I was. Anyone can too!

      Mitch, what is chronicled here is personal experience and it worked. If I could do it, why would any intelligent blogger fail?

      Kind regards and thanks for your awesome comment. Do have a great day.

      – Terungwa

  5. Adrienne says

    Hi Akaahan,

    I love your beginning, it’s “assumed”… I’m sure some of the newbie bloggers that don’t have any of that in place yet might be jumping the gun and they’re just interested in how they can make money.

    I never did any of this when I started, I was more about promoting quality products then worrying about ads. Different time though and there are so many different methods now.

    I’m sure so many people appreciate you sharing this Akaahan and I do hope they’ll take your advice.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne,

      The caveat was inserted before someone rushes over attempting to monetize a day old blog. It won’t simply work!

      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a great day!!

      – Terungwa

  6. Ayodeji says

    Thanks for your information. About the infolinks are we going to use our Nigerian information like phone number, address and so on when we are registering . And can this be used with our payoneer mastercard account? thanks.

    • says

      Hello Ayodeji,

      Payoneer can be linked with Infolinks…and yes, Nigerians are accepted and welcomed. Free free to input your correct details when registering and let me know if there is a hitch.


  7. says

    I guess for the buyselladd stuff i.e. selling ad-spaces require some significant amount of traffic or good PR because people post their ads only where they find traffic. Have heard about AdDynamo a lot as one of the best alternative to earn.
    Thanks for this stuff.