Market Health Review: Make 50-60% Per Referral!

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Market Health Review

Market health is one of the few affiliate companies that really maintains a high commission on qualifying sales: it starts at 50% and progresses to a healthy 60% if you become a ‘super affiliate’ and are able to refer up to 20 sales in a given day. This means, for a certain good month, earning 5k dollars is but child’s play. Can you imagine?

50% of a sale is certainly way better than the very popular Amazon affiliate programe which pays a miserly 4% for 1-6 products shipped/downloaded and a maximum of 8.50% on 3131+ products shipped or downloadables served. So, if you certainly want to up your game and make serious money with your blog/website, then most certainly, I’m positive that your referrals should be paying better.

Don’t you agree?

What You Can Promote

Market Health features a plethora of products that you can easily promote, regardless of the niche you find yourself in or blogging about. This is because, why the site is focused primarily on products in the health, beauty, supplement, weight loss, and skin care industries, these products are needed and are by way very important for an audience on an auto blog as they are for the audience of a pet-care blogger.

Take the Miracet Nicotine Craving Relief for instance: readers to all types/manner of blogs may actually wish to quit smoking but may be challenged due to the nicotine craving that always finds a way back and foils all attempts to achieve complete results.

Or the Idol White Teeth Whitening Solution endorsed by the Kardasian girls. Tooth discoloration is a huge challenge faced by many across the world. However, many plaqued by this plight believe it is a natural occurrence that comes with age – and that nothing can be done about it. What if you served an ad banner on your blog proving the opposite and offering your readers an opportunity to get their smiles back (while making a nice commision off it?) And this really works irrespective of the niche you are currently blogging in now or the audience your website targets.

Promotion Channels

Market Health offers two major ways of promoting their products: the intext option and the banner ads. The intext option works great when writing reviews of products particularly on blogs dedicated to the health and general wellness niche.

On the other hand, the banner ads work great on forums, websites, authority blogs as well as niche sites. This is because the challenges Market Health targets are challenges that bother the average reader to any manner of blog or site. Health challenges are faced by all and truly have no distinct niche!

How To Ensure Best Results

From my personal experience, to really earn big with Market Health, you should take organic traffic very serious and dedicate some serious efforts to SEO, especially onpage SEO. This is because most of the products that I earn commisions on come by way of sales that were referred via the usually long (and thorough) reviews I publish about some of the products featured on Market Health (after personally using the products).

Or, you could just dedicate a whole site to a product featured on Market Health. You’ll be surprised that once the post is well written and structured SEO wise, you need not bother with promotion or anything of the sort. Yet, after just after 3 months, it is normal to make commisions (on such single product sites) to the tune of $500 (or more) from organic traffic alone!

Payout, Payment Times And Means

Commision checks are sent out twice a month on the 1st and 16th with a $20 minimum. The payment methods include check (usually sent by mail), bank wire transfer, Paypal and the Payoneer debit card. Usually, I prefer the last options and have since restricted my payments to only them especially the Payoneer card.

A Last Word

You can sign up for Market Health here. Remember, like all affiliate offers, the real work begins when you are accepted. If you really want a final word from me, this should be it. Write only honest reviews – readers have a way of knowing when you write just for commisions…and in my estimation, you cannot honestly write genuine reviews without first really using the products in question. It’s that simple. Really.

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