4 Big Lies ProBloggers Enjoy Telling

Blogging is big business, no doubt. However, many ‘probloggers’ today have made it less than honorable by ‘wooing’ would be bloggers into the fold with the expectation of making cheap money online. It is sad to see most of these newbies fall for these cheap lies and then quit after just about 2 months when they realize, sadly, that either they were fooled or they fooled themselves.

What are the 4 very big lies ‘probloggers’ enjoy telling?

Lies ProBloggers Tell

Blogging Is Simple, Easy And Inexpensive

Whosoever started this lie needs to be flogged! Though someone who is a natural marketer (or someone who has a background in marketing) may do well in marketing and branding a blog, the average joe is bound to be frustrated when he is told that he has to thoroughly market his blog like any other product that goes on sale in the market. And the worst part? It has to be daily! Who dares calls such a task simple?

Talking about easy, the guy who said churning out great entries on a consistent basis was not a big deal obviously was high on something! Imagine thinking about what to write that would capture the attention (and admiration) of thousands of readers within the span of every 24 hours! If that is an easy task, then I suspect someone actually tore out the page that contained easy in the dictionary that fellow used!

With domains notoriously selling for under $3 and hosting for under $10 a month, it is easy to say blogging isn’t an expensive investment. However, when you factor in a laptop (and maybe a desktop), a tablet PC for blogging on the go, electricity bills, Internet subscriptions, premium themes and plugins, CDN service charges etc, you’d get a bill that would make even Bill Gates think twice before opening his wallet!

Is that the definition of cheap?

Making Money Online Is Easy

Probloggers are always in the habit of calling 6 figures monthly earnings either from affiliate sales or selling their own products. This motivates the newbie to jump into blogging with the hope of making a killing! Often, it is after a whole year has passed and such newbie account reads $12 that they suspect the whole truth wasn’t told.

While it is very possible to make millions blogging, you most likely aren’t going to achieve such fabulous results just from buying a product or subscribing to a course! And mind you, you must be really ready to work your a** off and wait…that is the only known secret code for making money online!

You Can Become Successful Only By Following Their Footsteps Or Buying Their Products

The ego of a very successful blogger is perhaps larger than the landmass of China! Each blogger who has attained some measure of success in the blogosphere automatically believes that no success can be got except the very way he got his own….big lie I must say.

If such a blogger has products, unless one subscribes to those products before he/she can become successful online. While such courses and methods a problogger used to attain fame and power may actually be relevant and still potent, the fact remains that one can choose either to travel by plane from Africa to Euroope or use water by means of vessels…the most important thing however is that both reach their destination!

It Can Happen Overnight

Probloggers enjoy fooling their readers that by buying their products and subscribing to their services, they could become rich very fast by blogging! While becoming rich blogging isn’t the problem, the challenge is the fast element especially in such a super competitive environment like blogging.

To make money online, you have to garner serious traffic, have tons of entries that are both engaging and worthwhile, a clear monetization method and a serious trust rating…unfortunately, these things don’t happen overnight – they are often the product of very long, hard and often, sleepless nights that may well span into years.

A Question For You:

What do you consider as a modern lie today’s ‘probloggers’ are so good at telling? Hit the comment box and let’s get talking!



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