5 Ways To Kill Your Dreams (And Destiny) Very Fast

How To Kill Your Dreams Faster Than You ImagineHow do you kill your dreams as fast as possible and ensure that you never fulfill your destiny? Why the answer had been as difficult as a Degree in Space Science or a Ph.D in Particle Physics, that is not so again. To kill your dreams faster than you could ever imagine and never accomplish anything in your life, simply follow these five steps and you’d just be okay.


Please Everyone

You see, people are very important and you just have to please them. Pleasing people involves adjusting your life in varying degree to suit that of others. From the choice of your career down to your car and dressing, make sure that you imitate your neighbors and friends. When you are in doubt, just wait and see what your pals are doing…why on earth should you strive to be different?

Rely On Public Opinion

The public is a very great source of both inspiration and direction. To kill your dreams faster than the speed of a Buggati Veryon, always watch out for what exactly it is that the media is promoting; afterall, the voice of the people is the voice of God. To really succeed in killing your dreams and destiny quickly, also make sure that you check out Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher. That fellow was a thoroughly confused guy; read him but ensure you do the exact opposite; he surely did not know what he was talking about when he argued that his son should be taught to think and if his constitution did not permit, go against the bandwagon!

Be Social To A Fault!

Killing your dreams and destiny isn’t quite a great deal if you can be very social. When you see anyone, take serious time off to personally chat with as much people as you can; when you are not chatting physically with people, kindly ensure that you use your cell phone ‘diligently’ – after all, the phone was made to be used!

When you are invited to any occasion, make sure you personally attend, no matter how trivial it may be. At the occasions you are invited to, kindly make sure that you update your status on all the leading social networks and really get your buddies engaged. After all, it’s a very great idea to socialize!

Believe In A Miracle Working Deity

To fully appreciate this reality, you must truly believe that there is a deity somewhere that showers his followers with money and great luck even if they don’t work hard. You must also strive to dispute St. Augustine (and prove him dead wrong) when he opined that to work is to pray. How dare he say such a thing? Is he not aware that you have a miracle working deity?

To perfect this strategy, go, join a church membership that preaches prosperity…it would be a great idea if the particular church only lays emphasis on tithing and abundance: how can you lack and fail to reach your ‘promised land’ when you have a very big God that provides?

Blame Everyone Around You!

Blaming persons around you is a very cool way to kill your dreams faster than you imagine. If you fail at a project, never bother to look in-depth and discover the reason for your unique failure. Instead, simply look for the person nearest to you and lay the blame on him/her!

Since you are a genius, you cannot get anything wrong! There must be an outward reason for your own personal failure: your job is to pinpoint and thoroughly blame any perceived obstruction as fast as you ever encounter them!

I wonder, after doing this, do you still have any dream or destiny alive to pursue?

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