5 Steps To Increase Your Blog’s Organic Traffic

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How To Get Free Organic Traffic

Organic traffic converts in a great manner, that we all know. What is particularly not known is how to increase the organic traffic a blog gets so that better conversions can be obtained. With better conversions, comes a higher click through rate and quite an impressive ROI. In non technical terms, if you’ve got quite an impressive amount of organic traffic, you should naturally be smiling to the bank (if you know what you’re doing).

What Organic Traffic Is And While It Is Special

Organic traffic refers to the traffic that your site gets from search engines like Google via entering selected keywords that match the particular keywords your site (or post is already optimized for). This is quite a basic definition because by extension, ‘organic’ covers all other sources of traffic that land on your site without any outward effort from your end apart from optimization.

Organic traffic is also special because it’s basically free! Why other sources of traffic may be very expensive, organic traffic comes to a blog free of charge and without any effort on the part of the blog admin apart from optimization!

Another great feature of organic traffic is that it is highly targeted. Almost every visitor that lands on your blog in an organic fashion is already looking for information and is indeed thirsty for knowledge…knowledge which you could monetize and solve some pressing needs if you know your way around the business. Doen’t that sound great?


Write Naturally, But Smartly

Google (and the plethora of search engines) love bloggers and content producers who write for their readers and not search engines. In other words, bloggers who return content that flows in a natural, conversarial manner are generally preferred and all other things being equal, rank higher in search results.

However, in your quest to attract search engines, don’t just write anything that comes to your head. While keyword stuffing do not work again, the strategic use of keywords is still very important and vital. To win the race of organic rankings, always make sure your keyword is contained in your posts’ permalink, in the image title (and alt text), in the first paragraph (preferably, first line) of your blog entry and also contained in the very last paragraph. This cannot amount to keyword stuffing and it’s proper use can work wonders!

Use Your Images Wisely

To increase your blog’s organic traffic, you must take image SEO serious. Image SEO involves positioning images in such a way that they are very visible to search engine crawlers. This position is often in the upper quadrant of your blog post entry.

Crafting your image’s title and tag to suite your keywords is also a very great idea. Aside these tips, its a great idea to have the image you are using actually depict what your blog entry or site is talking about. Nothing annoys more than having a shovel as a featured image for a post that is talking about money: what’s the correlation?

Great Length May Be A Fantastic Idea

Search engine bots are programmed to see posts with fantastic length, nice photos and links (both internal and external) as entries that are the best and actually worth readers’ time. While this may not necessarily be true, bloggers that write long, detailed posts are often favored by sarch engines and always wind up getting tons of free, targeted, organic traffic!

It won’t be a bad idea if you start writing long, detailed posts that contain pictures. What do you think?

Sitemaps Work Wonders

Sitemaps are like maps that tell search engines exactly what you have on your blog and how best it these bots can index it. In ordinary parlance, what Sitemaps achieve is simply creating a ‘map’ of your blog and then giving that map to search engine bots when they come around to index your site. You must agree with me that merely granting a visitor access to a mansion may actually prove suicidal especially if that visitor has no idea what is in that mansion of what doors lead to which room, etc.

Having a nice Sitemap not only ensures that your blog is indexed faster, it also means that each subsequent post you post gets noticed and indexed faster than a site of same quality without a Sitemap…you must agree with me that a soldier with a map will move faster than one without. Don’t you?

You can download an XML plugin for your WordPress site HERE

Your Writing May Be The Problem

When you write in a clumsy manner with long posts and no paragraphs, you give search bots extra work and they automatically assume that you’re a hell of a spammer (or at best, run a poor quality site). Either way, be sure of poor rankings.

To increase your blog’s organic traffic, always make sure that you write short sentences. These sentences should be well structured and free from grammatical errors. It is also a great idea to use bulleted numbered list, headings and sub-headings where appropriate.

After achieving this feat, organic traffic should naturally never be your challenge again!

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Comments, Sharing And Best Wishes!

Though this entry is long, I seriously have a feeling I missed out on something very important here. Could you help me figure it out via comments and let your friends join in the noble quest by sharing on your social media accounts?

I wish you a very great day!


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  1. says

    Hi Terungwa,

    Excellent tips on increasing chances of growing organic traffic to our blog posts. One thing I should probably add speaking about images is:

    Make sure you add the ALT tag to all the images you insert into your posts because search engines can’t really read your images. They look for your ALT tag and based on that they decide whether or not your image is related to your post. So, it does make a good sense to use your keywords of the post in the image’s ALT tag to make it more readable and appropriate for search engine bots.

    Thank you for sharing!


    • says

      Hello Kumar,

      Thanks for your insight. Optimizing images is very essential but sadly, always neglected. However, if all bloggers’ blog images are properly optimized, do you know that that traffic alone may be sufficient to monetize and relax?

      Thanks for your time and comment…in a very sincere way, I appreciate you.


  2. says

    Hello, Akaahan!

    Point number one is very important and something that I definitely agree with. One has to write for readers, and not for the bots. Which brings me to point number 3, where in the length of the article can be vital when it comes to attracting the Google bots’ senses.

    Contradictory? No, not really. It just means that writing for both the readers and the bots is reasonable, as long as it’s done in a balanced way.

    Glad to have found your post shared on Kingged.com, IM social bookmarking site. I find it worth reading, and so I Ieft this comment there as well.

  3. says

    Hi Admin,
    Its really awesome post. i dont have enough traffic on my blog and your idea is very cool and now i can increase my blog traffic thanks for your tip…

  4. says

    Hii Akaahan,

    Every Blogger want more and more Organic Traffic on their Blog but it depends on them what they do get it. you absolutely shared a great article about increasing Blog’s Organic Traffic.

    All the points you covered here are highly important to get good amount of Organic Traffic. I got some new informations from this post and i hope it will give me a good result. thanks Bro for this awesome piece.

    I got this post on kingged.com and forced to read complete post. I really enjoyed this post. :)

    • says

      It’s a great idea that you found this entry, was ‘forced’ to read it and succeeded in benefiting and enjoying yourself in the process. It is my belief that that is the effect a great article is supposed to have on anyone who reads it!

      Do have a very great day!


  5. says

    Hello Terungwa,
    Every blogger dreams of good amount of organic traffic because organic traffic is more important than the social referral traffic. I totally agree with your point that search engine also love those blogger who create content for their readers instead of search engine.
    Thanks for this amazing article.
    I found this article on Kingged.

    • says

      Hello Swapnil,

      Organic traffic is something that every blogger should look upto. This is because it has a large array of benefits it’s generally not a great idea to ignore.

      Thank you for your comment on NTP. Do have a very great day!


  6. Barb Brady says

    Hi Terungwa,
    I like the article. I have to tell you one of the main reasons is that you started with definitions and then went into further depth.

    So many times I start reading an article and think “did I miss a previous post?” The author starts talking about something with the assumption that we already know what they are talking about and that they will add something to it.

    I really like that you started with “What is organic traffic”. That is great! I also liked that you described the purpose of a sitemap.

    Here’s a question: what about the Yost SEO plugin that has a sitemap? Do you like that one?


    I also left you a comment on kingged.com

    • says

      Hello Barb,

      Thanks for the compliment. While I write for the experienced bloggers, I am also very conscious that I have many newbies reading my entries…I thus take time to explain less familiar words or concepts.



      I would prefer a standalone XML plugin. This is for the singular reason that it is dedicated to a singular task and may thus garner more efficiency.

  7. says

    Increasing blog organic traffic is ideal for relevance and revenue. However, I will point out that engaging in proper SEO is fundamental. This invariably constitute effective writing. Balancing the length and the quality of the content is needed for increased organic search.

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com where this post is socially bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  8. says

    Well said, Organic traffic is the best type of traffic because not only does it convert more, Google and other search engines trust it more. Usually organic traffic have higher CPC and produces more leads and sales.

    While it is great to diversify traffic sources, it will be most important to do SEO right so as to improve the number of people that visits your site from search engines.

  9. says

    The last number is the hitch. We often write or put our thoughts into words, but mistakenly unacquainted how long and how poor our write-ups. Super Proofreading is for all time there to rally round. Well, you yourself should proofread your work and ask help to other people if needed to make your work persuasive and powerful.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing content aggregator site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  10. Graham Smith says


    Thanks for this article i am fairly new to blogging and have found this very helpful in regards to gaining traffic .

  11. Muneeb ur Rehman says

    hi admin,
    this is really good article. i like the way you are writting about blog traffic . thanks

  12. says

    Hello Akaahan,
    This is indeed a nice and wonderful tutorial that every blogger looking for organic traffic in a natural way should read.
    The best SEO practice is writing that great content that is both beneficial to humans and search engines… Nothing beats an ever green post :)

    Thanks and do have a good week ahead…

  13. hiren says

    Hi Akaahan Terungwa
    nice article i learn something new after reading your post. my site have low organic traffic and i am new in blogging world. i follow your steps and i hope it will help with me to generate organic traffic. thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Goodluck, Hiren!

      The post is still as classic as when it was first published. Expert a positive surge in organic traffic as you implement the various points variously discussed and articulated in the post.

      Do have a great day…and goodluck!

      Akaahan Terungwa