How To Tackle Inferiority Complex In 4 Easy Ways

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How do you tackle inferiority complex when it seems to have consumed you and you have no idea how to wriggle yourself out and have that great feeling again? Usually, this is a subject that many approach with uncertainty and utmost fear. However, even the most gross inferiority complex can be tackled in the most easy way – believe me. But first things first: what is an inferiority complex?

How to tackle inferiority complex

What Does An Inferiority Complex Mean?

The New American English Dictionary defines inferiority complex to mean an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive behavior in compensation.

From the college standard definition of inferiority complex by the dictionary, it is clear that inferiority complex is triggered by a sense of not being adequate. Sadly, this feeling is imagined (in most cases) and is actually true in very little instances.

The sad part of inferiority complex worthy of addressing is what it results to: aggressive behavior in compensation. Thus, it is easy to spot folks who suffer from inferiority complex quickly. Often, (if they are ladies), the lip coat is excessive, the clothing utterly expensive and the language very rude and foul. Sadly, many men with inferiority complexes also share these nasty attributes in addition to seeking classy women, desiring monster V8 (or V12) powered trucks or SUVs (for no apparent reason) and being excessively power drunk!

No matter the way an inferiority complex is looked at, it does the person suffering from it no good and ensures that relationships are spoilt faster than new ones are built…what then is the way out?

Ensure You Have A Means Of Life Sustenance – The Number One Way To Tackle An Inferiority Complex

Lack of a proper means of sustenance is one of the very many reasons why many persons are fixed to an inferiority complex that never goes away. Seeing someone afford an SUV you’ve been wishing for since you were 16 would naturally arouse envy which in turn would lead to a serial case of what I would term, gross inferiority complex.

However, if you as much as have a means of affording that SUV for instance, you’d naturally not take the fact that someone has one to be an issue or let it bother your sleep. Believe me, working hard or at least having a stable source of income can to a large extent solve the many challenges that are actually caused by inferiority complex.

So, the first remedy to an inferiority complex is to have the money to live the life you desire – or at least have a job that would guarantee such a life in the not too distant future.

Learn Like Your Life Depends On It – It Helps You Grow Literally Out Of Feeling Inferior

Next to the issue of bucks, comes the theme of learning and the state of being learned. Usually, when someone is more educated than you are, great chances are that you’ll likely feel threatened where he/she is especially if your own education has shaky roots or is faulty at best.

The solution to this challenge is to read like your life actually depends on it and if possible, get certified. If you cannot get certified, make sure that you are at least knowledgeable beyond intimidation. You can achieve this feat by reading privately and learning anytime the opportunity presents itself.

If you are knowledgeable, great chances are that you’d feel the need to compensate less.

Keep A Great Shape – Most Persons Suffering From Inferiority Complex Persons Don’t

Human beings are always damn conscious of their body fats and the rolls they’ve accumulated. The sad thing about this is that they are directly responsible for the fat they’ve come to accumulate on their bodies and general lack of shape. If you sadly fall in this category, great chances are that you’ll be better off with a super slim figure which can only come to pass by hitting the gym on a frequent basis and of course, eating smart.

With a great shape, you’re also perfectly sure that you’d not be comparing yourself body wise with any other person, no matter how ‘beautiful’ that person is. Great chances are too that you’ll attempt to compensate less in terms of irrational behavior if you are convinced that you are in better shape than most of the folks you come across everyday.

Strange. But it works in a very big manner!

Know Exactly What You Want In Life – Inferiority Complex Takes Off When You Are Focused

Knowing what you want in life is a sure way to ensure that you do not compare yourself to others neither do you have the chance to behave in a funny way as compensation. Super focused persons are also generally great at focusing at their dreams that generally, there isn’t anytime left for anything else – talk more of comparisons and insecurities.

How exactly focused are you?

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  1. sodeeq says

    inferiority complex is one”disease” that could cost someone a lot of things, from money, life partners to big time opportunities.
    however, for me, the first step in curing this killing disorder is to realise that you have one.
    then, sit down and think about what’s causing it. is it money, body shape, knowledge, height? or whatever it may be.
    and the next is to think about how to get better in what one lacks which causes one to be inferior.

    in my own case, I’m someone you might want to call “short” but this doesn’t affect me in anyway and I might even say it boosts my confidence.
    this is why. I engage in all sorts of sports which people would have otherwise believed are only meant for tall lads. and I excel in them so well that the so called tall guys even get jealous of me.
    Terungwa, this topic you’ve written about is a very great one and one which affects many lives and I’m sure lots of souls will be saved by reading this article.