How To Promote A Blog Post: 5 Classical Ways

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How To Promote A Blog Post

Promoting a blog post is something every great blogger is extremely good at. This is so because it is the good and timely promotion of a blog’s posts that make the blogger behind the blog great in the first place.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. Talk is cheap!!  Are you going to Google “How to promote a blog post?”

Nope! There won’t be need for that…you’re reading a post to that effect right here.

But this is not the cheap type of talk, beware. So, what are the six classical ways you can promote your new blog post?



  • Comment Like Hell!

Many bloggers I have interacted with thoroughly dislike the idea of blog commenting…they feel it is a waste of time, bandwidth and resource. They ultimately feel that by commenting on someone else blog, they are doing that person a very great favor.

But the truth is that, you’re helping yourself even more than the blogger on whose blog you’re commenting!


The majority of  blogs are actually ‘nofollow’ but some actually carry the ‘dofollow’ attribute. This means that commenting on such blogs would pass on some link juice back to your blog. Isn’t that not a great way to build backlinks?

If the blog you’re going to sensibly comment on has the comment luv plugin installed, then you will get a bonus: a link back to your latest blog post! Every one who reads the comment section of that blog would stumble on your comment and may click  – and land on your blog!

The best benefit of commenting, however, lies in the relationships that you build as a blogger. As a rule, many bloggers check out the blogs of those who leave regular comments on their blogs. The key here is to leave a sensible comment that would spark the interest of your host blogger.

When you are determined to know how to promote a blog post, this should not be a challenge at all!


  • Go Social! 

The social networks have revolutionized the internet…there is no serious person who can deny the impact of social media today. But a simple question: how much of the power of social media do you utilize?

Many bloggers only maintain a Facebook account, Twitter and maybe G +. Those are simply the most famous and most crowded. What other social network do you know? For someone who is desperate on how to promote a blog post, the knowledge of 3 social networks is abysmal!

Okay, let’s list some of the lesser known – (but equally important) social networking sites where your blog would sure get a boost and you’ll never need to Google “how to promote a blog post” again in your life:

  1. Myspace
  2. Live Journal
  3. Kiwibox
  4. Fuelmyblog
  5. Bebo
  6. Blogster
  7. Cyworld
  8. Faceparty
  9. My Opera
  10. Orkut
  11. Plurk
  12. Tagged
  13. Tribe and
  14. Tumblr.

It is my guess that you’ve no even heard of any of these…no surprise. Promoting a blog post like a pro is sure what takes time, energy and experience. You’ll catch up soon!

Let’s turn our attention to the 3 major social networking sites that you’re using like crazy. How are you using them and how can you improve (in case you’re comfortable within your comfort zone and prefer not to venture out).


It’s sad to see many bloggers using their personal Facebook account for blog promotion. Stop it! There’s something  called a Facebook Fan Page. Get it and use it wisely by:

– Encouraging your readers to ‘like’ your page.

– Posting other interesting articles you feel your fans would enjoy.

– Keeping your fans updated and giving them a reason to visit your fan page every day by updating daily.

It would also be a good idea to join any good blogging community on Facebook. The chances of your posts being appreciated are higher that way.


It is amazing the power of a few words…The concept behind this social network is an amazing understanding of the world’s need for less as against more.

Who wants to read volumes again?

To utilize Twitter to maximum benefit, ensure that you promote your posts about four times a day using different formats. That way, your entry is likely to meet an interested eye and would gather a higher CTR.

Google Plus:

The secret of being successful on Google Plus is connecting with the right people and sharing content with them that matter.

When many bloggers want to share a post on Google Plus, they simply upload the URL of the post and gbam! expect the whole world to rush to their blogs. That’s where you get it wrong! If you’re intent on learning how to promote a blog post, be sure to write a well meaning introduction and kindly summarize the contents of that link. We’ve got no time remember.


  •  Advertize The Post On A Forum

When you craft an excellent post, you must look at the most influential forum in that niche and masterfully, summarize the post there.

The trick of summarizing a successful post in forums is making the summary brief enough to hold the attention of your readers and smart enough to make the forum members want to click on the link to the full article you’ll provide at the end. Now, who says you’ve lost?


  • Make Good Use Of Document/Article Sharing Sites

Article/document sharing sites exist for a simple reason: to facilitate the sharing of documents/articles which your blog undoubtedly qualifies.

The advantage of these sites are that they usually have impressive traffic stats, have a high PR and quite an impressive domain authority. When you publish your latest blog posts unto these sites in a concise and smart way with a link back to your latest post, you do not only get a quick backlink and instant readership, you will definitely get massive organic traffic over the months as such an article will be indexed quickly and rise very fast to the front page in search results for their respective keywords.

Need ideas? Check out:

  1. Hubpages
  2. Flixya
  3. Triond
  4. Xomba
  5. Myarticle
  6. Ezinearticles and a host of others.

Leverage these and you’ll never again ask how to promote a blog post!


  • Question And Answer Communities

Answering questions on Q&A Communities  is an extremely great way to drive traffic back to your latest blog post! The traffic from these communities may overwhelm your servers! You never know the amount of questions asked everyday on the internet – many of them can be conveniently answered by your post! Check out the Q&A Communities below and see where you fit in:

  1. 3form
  5. Askalo
  6. Askville
  7. Chacha
  8. Internet Oracle
  9. The straight Dope and a host of others…

A smarter way of leveraging the Q&A community is by simply browsing them, checking out the hottest questions, crafting a post that sufficiently answers the question and then linking back to the answer provided on the platform.

If you do that, believe me, you’ll never have need of how to promote a blog post in your entire blogging career!

Over To You!

This post has been quite a lengthy one…that does not however mean we’ve done justice to this topic! Do you feel you have a classical way that has been omitted? Let’s hear you in the comments section!

A Last Word!

You’ve sure benefited form this super informative article. One thing only I ask of you: please, share!

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  1. Steve Borek says

    I like your 1-14 list though I just started using Tumblr. I’ll check the other ones out for sure.

    I use the popular social media platforms i.e. Twitter, FB, and Linkedin.

    Many people don’t see the benefit of posting on G+. I disagree. A new client hired me today because of what I post on Google+.

    Be cognizant of the fact, even though people aren’t commenting on what you say, they’re still reading.

    “You post great stufff!” was my new client reply about my posts.

    • says

      Hello Steve,

      It’s nice of you to stop by around and agree with me.

      It’s also extremely great that you got a client via G+, that is the power of leveraging social media correctly!

      But, Steve, if people are not commenting, does it not mean you’ve failed to make your content thought provoking enough?

      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate. And a last thing? I wish you a very great day!

      – Terungwa

  2. Sherman Smith says

    Hey Akaahan,

    Great list of ways to promote your blog. I’ve used them all except for forums. But yes, the most powerful way to get traffic back to your blog is commenting. I know a lot of people like to take the easy way out, but if you’re serious, then commenting on other blog post is the way to go! So i definitely agree with you on that.

    Some other ways I promote are through blogging sites like Blokube and Triberr. You get the traffic through exposure and find interest blog posts that’s of your interest! It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone! Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Hello Sherman,

      It’s quite soothing to learn that you’ve almost tried all the means of promoting a blog post. That’s quite impressive!

      Usually,people tend to gravitate to the path of least resistance…those are the options failed bloggers take. If you want to make something out of this business of ours, you must not only be creative and hardworking; you must take it damn serious!

      Thanks, Sherman for your input. Do have a great day ahead!

      – Terungwa

  3. Al Green says


    I love those lists! I heard about a few of them, but I didn’t know about most. The document sharing and question answer sites are two areas that I really need to focus on. I’ve been commenting, quite a bit, but I want to broaden my horizons.

    I really think you are right with the blog commenting. There is a ton of value in it and it definitely helps your own advertising efforts. Following links on people’s blogs is actually the number 1 way I’m finding new sites to read. People do follow those links. That’s for sure.

    Thanks again for this post and those lists,
    Al Green

    • says

      Hello Al,

      Thanks for the kind comment. Kindly follow the instructions contained in the post and you’ll never go wrong.

      As an aside, I want to let you know that nothing beats blog commenting for me! Its da bomb!!

      Have an excellent week!

      – Terungwa

  4. Adrienne says

    Hey Akaahan,

    Yep, I’ve definitely heard of all of them and although I’m not going to say I’ve used them all I will say that I’ve used some similar ones in the past.

    As we both know, blogging is about people and the way to get to people is to build relationships with them. Blog commenting is the best way to get in front of them because when you read their posts and share your opinion about what they wrote how can they not notice you! I mean come on, everyone wants their content to be recognized. If you start sharing it on the social sites then that’s just one more added bonus that will get people’s attention.

    Blog commenting will never die just like a few other things online and it’s the best way to get in front of the right people. Posting your content on every site out there, probably not. You definitely need to pick and choose which ones will serve you best.

    I no longer do article marketing or sharing content on the web 2.0 properties due to their increasing rules and lack of enough eyeballs in order to make a difference. I also don’t visit forums because I don’t find them to be a very pleasant experience for me.

    I use to visit the Q&A sites but I just don’t find enough questions in my particular niche. I think most people just Google that these days.

    Great list though and I hope you’re having a lot of luck with the sites that you’re visiting. Have a great week.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne,

      Thanks for stopping by and airing your view…

      As I did answer Al some few minutes ago, Blog commenting beats all the ways of driving traffic to a blog that I have enumerated here. But that could be me – and just me. I never imagined it was your favorite too! Another fellow may however have a great time with Q & A communities and so forth.

      The trick is to stick with what actually works out for you!

      Do have a supercharged day!

      – Terungwa

  5. Anthony says

    Your post is truly informative and of course yes I have been able to use some of this social media to promote my blog post but the one that really work for me is that of question and answer community.
    I use yahoo answer which is very great. I know is not listed in there but is one of the very best place to get more traffic by answering every days questions that relate to what you’re blogging about.
    Thanks for the share.

    • says

      Hello Anthony,

      Thanks for stopping by and making your voice heard!

      Yahoo answers is undoubtably the greatest Q&A community out there! Using it every day will sure ensure a steady stream of traffic down your blog that your servers may be overwhelmed!

      Thanks for pointing it out…it was an honest omission.

      Do have a very great day Tony…and thanks for stopping by!

      – Terungwa

  6. Inyavic says

    You wanna know what got my attention? It’s “Make Good Use Of Document/Article Sharing Sites”. Believe me, i won’t miss out on this.

    Here’s my new profound method of promoting my blog post. When i create a new blog post, i google the title of the post and comment on every website there up to the 2nd page of the search results. You know why? Most of the results you get are questions related to the blog post you searched on google so all you have to do is refer them to your blog post to get the solution.

    • says

      Hello Victor,

      It’s great that you’ve got what works for you. In the race for traffic, nothing beats commenting (at least for me – and many bloggers I know).

      Keep doing your thing and remember to have a great day!

      – Terungwa

  7. Eyram says

    This is my first time here. Saw you on nairaland.

    Now to your post,

    There is a science of blog commenting that drives traffic to you. When done well, it boosts your brand and image. Otherwise, it destroys your brand. The key to commenting is to aim at building relationships and keeping the conversation going. Always lead with value. Ensure that your comment adds value to the readers of the blog you are commenting on. This is how people check you out.

    If my comment added value, I know you would check me out. Waiting to connect.

    What do you say

    • says

      Hello Eyram,

      Blog commenting is a really great way to build your community and drive back traffic to your site. However, your comment must be seen by the blog admin to contribute to the discussion.

      I ruthlessly delete all comments that add no value! I don’t think it’s ethical enough just to comment for backlinks and traffic.

      Yes, I’ll definitely check you out! I appreciate good comments that add value to the conversation.

      Do have a great day!

      – Terungwa

  8. Akos Fintor says

    Not sure if I agree with “comment like hell”,

    It seems to me that you’re going after the “number” of comments which just a means to an end, so it lack of quality.

    “Honesty is a very expensive gift, Don’t expect it from cheap people.”

    ― Warren Buffett

    Thanks for sharing your views


    • says

      Hello Akos,

      Thanks for stopping by. Obviously, the phrasing, ‘comment like hell’ does not go well with your constitution. By commenting, it was obviously meant voicing out your opinion and doing it frequently instead of once in a blue moon.

      And you can be honest with your comments, even if you leave many of them per day.

      I am – so I know.

      Thanks for stopping by. Do have a great day!

      – Terungwa

  9. says

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