How To Get Rich Quicker: How Fast Is Your Plan?

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How To Get Rich Quick

Getting rich quick is real: the problem is that most of the methods advocated for getting rich quick will only facilitate your getting extremely poorer faster than you could ever imagine.

Do not be deceived, the word quick is relative. That means, ‘quick’ for many others may actually be the definition of slow . If in your mind’s eye, you view the concept of getting rich as going to bed as a very poor man, sleeping soundly through the night and waking up to find a million bucks in your savings account, then, this post is not for you!

If however,the thought of slaving away at some government job for 35 years, collecting peanuts as salary (and waiting for the ultimate peanuts, pension) appears slow to you and instead, in that 35 years, want to own and fly your private jet, then the ideas therein may constitute a fast plan for you or help you set up a fast one.

How fast can you make your plan?

1. Concentrate on amassing assets, not liabilities.

2. Build businesses and enjoy the risk therein instead of settling for the security of a job.

3. Never confuse hard work with productive work.



Often, liabilities are confused with assets, even by those who should know better. For the sake of clarity, an asset puts money into your pocket, a liability takes money out of your pocket. If your life (and by inclusion) your spending is guided by this simple rule, you are already on the fast track and will definitely fare better. On the contrary, if you still believe an SUV is the car for you (even when you evidently don’t need it) or that you would fare better in a mansion as against your 2 bedroom flat, watch out and goodluck!


Nobody ever got wealthy on a job. The job salary is meant to keep you alive so that you come to work everyday you are needed. The allowances are made to shut you up so that you don’t grumble on the job! Its that simple!! In order to get rich therefore, you must be in a business circle, or be employed in an establishment that is run like like a business (establishments that give you unlimited opportunities to earn real good). All else only ensures you live – and pay the bills. In doubt? Ask a retired civil servant!


In contemporary language, the opposite of working hard is called working smart. Many persons who want to get rich quick are trapped in the ‘vicious slow circle’ because of their attitude and mindset. The fact that your present job keeps you for more than 20 hours a day at the office, ensuring you forget the names of all your children does not make it productive. It is hard, not doubt. But if hard work was (always) productive, farmers would be the richest in the world! Or factory workers – for nobody works harder than the farmers of Africa or the factory workers of China. Yet, they are 99.9% poor. If that is the deal, then working hard is not the cut – smart is the game!


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    My passion for agriculture is paramount but the so called country “9ja” makes it tangle for me to implement my potentials . Pls help me out as an individual . Thanks