How Fear Keeps You Poor – 5 Things You Can Do About It

Fear keeps you poor

Most people (maybe, even you) are poor simply because of fear. If you were a little courageous, you most certainly would have overcome your poverty and surely would have amounted to something better. Unfortunately, not many people are aware that it is fear of the most acute nature that keeps them poor without a single prospect of seeing the light anytime soon. If you are pathetically poor – and have no idea what to do to alleviate your poverty, then you most certainly have a serious need to do something.

If you have no single idea what exactly to do or cannot fathom how fear would keep you poor year in, year out, then, it’s time you pay serious attention to the following 5 things you can actually do to alleviate your condition. In no particular order, they are:

Refuse To Make Choices Based On The Fact That You’re Poor

My bet is that the very last ‘valuable’ you bought was very practical. Practical in the sense that money is scarce and resources have to be intelligently allocated. Plus or minus, you bought that car – or cell phone not because it was durable or that it had features you really needed; but rather, it was the model (and make) you could afford!

This makes practical economic sense. Afterall, whoever said ‘when the disireable does not become available, the available becomes the desireable’ was a genius. The challenge however is that the author of this quote was no genius and why it may make for sound Economics, it actually does facilitate fear – a fear of failing to conform to your ‘natural’ limits which makes you desire less and less things and ultimately makes you wind up poor!

I’ll explain. I’m not in anyway suggesting that you buy things you clearly cannot afford because Terungwa said so. Instead, this is how it works: simply choose what features in a product are very essential to you, features you must have and go for the cheapest (and affordable) option with those features. For instance, when I was shopping for a used car, the pressure to go for a monster V8 truck was quite tempting. Though I did not have the budget for the truck, I did not just discard the idea: instead, I looked at the daily schedule of my wife (and that of mine) and came to the conclusion that since we were not doing any off road – or hauling or towing, a monster V8 was a waste!

That was how the idea was dropped: not because I could not afford the truck, but because, I did not need any truck! It’s that simple. We ended up with a 1996 1.6 liter Corolla Sportswagon (which went for just over $3000). However, of late, the off-road seems quite appealing and I am presently contemplating the Landcruiser. Since nothing significant (that I have need for) has changed since 2003, that is the model I am intent on – and no talks on changing to the Hilux (a lighter and more fuel efficient model would appease me). The reason is simple: the Cruiser is the most capable beast off-road and since I’ll be going through harsh terrains most of the time, it’s either the Landcruiser or nothing!

Adopt the same approach!

The joy of this approach is that you:

  1. Get to buy exactly what you need and
  2. You buy it because you need it – not because you can’t afford a better option.

This mindset works on the human psychology in a great fashion: you are always awake to satisfy the needs that are important to you. This alertness means to a large degree that you are also constantly on the lookout to make your ends meet by engaging in activities that so qualify.

There is no better way to kill multiple birds with a single stone!

Make Friends Across Social Boundaries

You’ll be amazed that the various social classes: peasants, working, middle and ruling class have radically different perspectives about the concept of money, poverty and wealth. While the peasants and workers believe largely in a God that decrees poverty and wealth and desire a free and equal world, the ruling class and the middle class (especially the upper middle class) believe more of the theory that money is the reward of hard and consistent effort and that the poor are simply poor because they have failed to make strong enough efforts.

Now, if you are from working class parents and have friends amongst the ruling class, the very idea that charity (for charity sake) is very bad may irritate you. However, if you stay long enough with such friends, it won’t take time before you realize that there is something fundamentally wrong with your thought processes. It won’t be long before you actively scorn free gifts and instead prefer to pay for everything (something the two lower social classes have no appreciation for).

It won’t take you long before you hit your first thousand – then million dollars. But first, the task of overcoming the fear of making friends outside your own social class has to engaged in – and won. Or else, it may take longer!

Know How The Rich Think (And Think Like One)

The way the rich look at life, it’s comfort and challenges is quite different from the poor. In essense, the Rich have habits that have consistently kept them rich. The poor don’t typically have to look far: they simply do the opposite of what the rich do and simply achieve the constantly, never ending abysmal results. Success leaves cues…often too, those cues are manifest and usually shout louder than you can ever imagine.

When I understood that a man’s habits make or mar him, I began to take mine more seriously. You’ll be amazed to hear that when I walked out of three appointments because the other party failed to keep to the time, my reputation as a time conscious fellow grew – and I was instantly taken more seriously by other associates…cut a long story short: nobody as much as delays me by a minute today (a very novel feat in my country of residence, Nigeria).

However, thinking and acting like a rich fellow would not certainly make you one overnight. However, it would achieve the following magical benefits:

  1. You’ll be taken more seriously by even the most unserious persons. Great chances are that what you have to say too will garner more weight.
  2. Nobody will dare waste your time…with a life of well managed time, you’ll certainly achieve more!
  3. People who are not in sync with your lifestyle, dream and aspiration will leave your life for those that are. In that wise, you’ll certainly spend less energy and surely achieve more results.

Reject The Limitations Associated With Your Class

Long ago in England, Law was a course of study for the elites – noblemen and their children alone – so to speak. Fast forward to the present day world and it is a course just about any intelligent and determined student would successfully study and be called to the bar. What is the implication of this? Barriers/limitations can be lifted up and given way for genius – anytime, anyday!

Great chances are too that unfortunately, you still feel many things are sadly for a class outside your own: things like private medical attention in a reputable hospital, a fine house (with all the amenities that make a house worth living in), private schools etc. Who said these services are the exclusive reserve for a select few?

Let me tell you a story: I once decided to renovate my business premises and instead of going for the PVC ceiling I really wanted, I instead went to the local variant called ‘Brazil’. My thinking was quite funny: I unwittingly imagined that the PVC option was way more expensive. I was wrong! The local variant was a couple of dollars more expensive than my desire – yet I bought it, imagining it was the one for my class, the one I could afford. Strangely enough, I was cheating myself as a ‘poor man’ while the ‘rich’ we’re getting their heart desires for far less!

Can you imagine?

Believe In The God Of The Rich

There is nothing that limits a man like religion – or adhering to it dogmatically, even bothering on stupidity. Unfortunately, the average (poor man) always takes things to the extreme. For him, poverty (as well as riches) come from God and there is nothing a man can do to change his earthly course…sadly, few lies can be more damaging than that!

The rich on the other hand believe in a different God (though essentially the only God the poor too claim to worship). However, their understanding of God is different: heaven help them that help themselves. If you look critically at this, you’ll have no option but to agree: for how can God be impartial when he wills poverty on others while he prefers others be rich? You get the gist?


So much for fears…you’ve simply got to stand up and really do something about them if being successful means anything to you. Or would you rather die poor?

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