Eliminating Poverty With ‘The Fast Lane BluePrint’

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The Fast Lane BluePrint

There isn’t any one alive today who isn’t concerned about eliminating poverty in the world or right in themselves: even Bill Gates is concerned. However, like the proverbial snake with seven heads, poverty refuses to die after one of its head has been cut off…instead, the same cut off head grows back, firmer, stronger and usually, more determined to wretch havoc. It is against this backdrop that I wrote – and introduced The Fast Lane BluePrint: The Open Secrets of the Super Successfulto lend my voice to the poverty elimination cause…and in no small mean, make a difference.

What Is Contained In The Fast Lane BluePrint?

Success is holistic – not just the absence of poverty or the availability of resources in healthy measures. To be deemed a success, you will have to cover the basics of being overall successful as against niche type of successes. Accordingly, the book is written to reflect this challenge and it takes the form of 50 laws of success hitherto called, The Golden Laws of Success.

The introduction to the Fast Lane Blueprint is succint and to the point…and I’ll beg permission to reproduce it here, verbatim:

Success’s what every individual seek in varying degree. Unfortunately, it eludes many, basically because of the ignorance of the fundamental laws that govern it’s attraction.

In the pages that follow, I’ve penned down 50 universal laws of success which I had to understand and master in the course of being a plain boy, a student, an employee and finally, CEO of my own company.

At various points in time, many tasks demanded (and still demand) no less than success from me. Unfortunately, I was often ill prepared, grossly inexperience and more often than it was necessary, had to learn the hard way.

Looking inward naturally followed. What were the causes of the successes or failures? Could they be applied on a universal basis? Or we’re they simply ‘one timers’? Serious work began.

Working closely and observing the creme de la creme of various endeavors confirmed that the reasons for my successes (or failures) could be replicated as brazenly demonstrated in their lives and work. Chapter one of your book, the one in your hands, had its first lines.

Taking time I can’t even remember, it has finally come to conclusion and you’re about reading the success tips of (and for) all time. How well you utilize them (or ignore them) is entirely business for another day. But sincerely, I hope that the book serves the purpose for which it was thought out and written: to make you a success.

Though the laws are universal, they should be paraphrased if they seem not to work whole hog for the individual person. Man differs and situations are diverse, remember.

Remember too that all the laws are equals. None should therefore take precedence over another. They have to be looked at as a unified whole and not as diverse parts or segments.


How Will This BluePrint Help You?

This book challenges conventional wisdom in a manner that is rare. From the table of content, such items as:

  • Listen to people, then ignore them;
  • Remember to sometimes apply the brakes;
  • Learn, discard and learn again
  • Understand history and make it your favourite teacher;
  • Know the rules, then shun them;
  • Never assume or wish think: plan ruthlessly

And a plethora of other sub heads make up the table of content and ultimately, the content of the book. It is a product of deep research and personal experience that redefines what exactly it means to be successful and how to achieve that success…you’ll be pleasantly amazed that success transcends money. It is a way of life.

The book is geared to enable you live that lifestyle.

FeedBack, FeedBack, FeedBack

Online (as elsewhere), feedback (otherwise called reviews for purposes of evaluation) reigns supreme. This, in addition to helping the writer correct some anomalies or oversight in his/her work, also gives prospective readers an idea of the merit (or otherwise) of a literary piece.

If you’re kind enough to leave such a feedback, you can do so on after purchasing the book on the Amazon store. If you blog in a similar niche or run a reviews website, kindly contact me so that I can provide a free copy for your perusal – and subsequent review.

Where To Buy

Currently, this book is only available on the Amazon store and can be bought directly using this link. However, in the shortest possible time, it would be available locally on this blog and elsewhere such as the B&N store. The list price is $7.99 only. A great bargain for such tremendous value packed in one place.

A Last Word

Success is what everyone should pursue – overall success and not just triumph over poverty alone. Come to think of it: your birth wasn’t a mistake. This is what actually drives me, the idea to make a difference. Curiously enough, it was that difference that I was passionate about when I announced that NTP wouldn’t be just another WP blog.

What exactly is your idea of a difference in this sphere called earth?

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  1. says

    Hi Terungwa

    Congratulations on your book. I am sure it will help many people.

    I agree success is what people should pursue not just getting out of poverty. Too many people live on that line and we are all meant to shine and be successful.

    To me success is way more than just money. It also is who we become as people and all the other areas that make up life.

    I look forward to hearing about the success of your book.

    All the best with it.


    • says

      You’ve hit the nail on the head, Sue.

      Success is holistic. Fashioning out just the material aspect of it (and insisting it is the only component) is deliberate shortsightedness. And this, from the first page of the book, to the very last is what I have treated – and argued out.

      I appreciate your kind words Sue and do hope to personally hit you an email when the first milestone is crossed: 10,000 copies in sales.

      Make the day great!