5 Best Small Business Ideas For 2015

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Best Small Business Ideas For 2015

This is 2015. What are the best 5 small business ideas for the year? What business model would top the ideas list this 2015? What financial trends would yield the highest returns this 2015? This, and many more have occupied your thinking of late – no doubts. Worry no more! Today, I’m going to discuss the 5 best small business ideas for 2015? If you’re smart (or have been looking forward to such an opportunity), behold, your opportunity!

What are the ideas?

5 Best Small Business Ideas For 2015

Importation Of Consumer Goods

One of the best small business ideas for 2015 is importation of consumer goods. The importation of consumer goods would occupy centre stage in the business life of many countries especially developing ones. And there would sure to mega bucks to be made in the business.

But why the prediction of mega bucks for consumer goods? You may ask.

Simple. Quite simple really.

As people make more money, they want to really spend it – and spend it fast! However, there is always a caveat: the expenditure has to be on something they can easily beat their chest and say: ‘I did that’ or ‘I bought this’. And that’s where consumer goods come in.

Secondly, 2015 promises to be a year that would witness unprecedented breakthroughs in science and general manufacture. The implication of this for business is that there would be more buying options for the consumers with options and products they probably haven’t seen. Great chances are that top dollar would be spent.

So, where would you get your stock? Try the Asians – or if you live close to a coastal town, you can get good consumer goods at quite ludicrous prices: the profit margin would literarily make you go gaga!

This is the first small business idea for 2015; the finest and one of my favorites!


Blogging used to be done some few years back simply for the fun of it – not anymore. Now, it is quite a big business with which many have actually leveraged to quit their day jobs! This has been made possible by the plethora of ways with which money can actually be made with a blog…those ways have already doubled, making blogging one of the best small business ideas for 2015.

The number of ‘bloggers’, understandably, will rise in 2015 and the new entrants on WordPress and Blogger would be intimidating – but that should not scare you. Many of the bloggers are in the business for the wrong reasons and have quite poor conceptions of what it takes to be a blogger.

So, if you have the right mindset as discussed here, here and here, then there should be nothing preventing you from adding an extra stream of income to your financial reservoir this year.

Are you ready?

Webhosting Services

As more persons actually turn webmasters, there is going to be a really great demand for webhosting companies in 2015. It would please you to know that many of the newbie bloggers would be more comfortable hosting their blogs with local hosting companies because of their general gross inexperience with website hosting matters and credit cards.

That is where you come in and exploit the small business idea inherent in this entry. For a fairly cheap amount, you could buy a reseller plan from any of the big hosting companies and set up your own ‘mini hosting company’. You’d be pleasantly surprised how far this can really take you.

Academic Writing Services

As the world become globalized, more and more students are realizing that they cannot combine the expectations of a 21st century youth with that of dedicated student. But since they are interested in what the two worlds have to offer, they are increasingly finding themselves delegating.

And then delegating some more!

If you are academically savvy, then you should start for yourself a small academic writing business this 2015. This could be done via companies like Academic Experts or through the local universities and colleges closest to you!

You’d be pleasantly surprised you were missing out on a great small business idea in 2015 by not leveraging you intellectual powers for financial gains!


Slightly different from the business model of writing academic or term papers for students is the idea of tutoring. This business model, is sure one of the best small business ideas for 2015 for good reasons:

  • As the standard of education drops every year, parents consciously search for tutors to help with their kid’s academic work.
  • Most of the teachers teaching in our public schools are themselves distracted and poorly remunerated and encouraged. This actually ensures that they bring out anything but their best. This creates wide margins for private tutors.
  • As students are easily distracted these days, there exists a very large (and intimidating) need for someone (a tutor) to digest all the materials they need for them or in plainer terms, spoon feed them. Such workload is usually outside the standard curriculum and that is where a tutor comes in.
  • For optimal performance, even the best of students need special attention especially when major external examinations are to be taken…that is where you fit in.

Your Turn

What are the small business ideas for 2015 that I have missed out? Let’s discuss in the comments section. If I’ve not left out anything, it’s time to share. Or, what do you think?

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  1. Cole Wiebe says

    Hi Akaahan,

    Here’s another, similar to the Blogging and Academic Writing opportunities you listed. With more traditional jobs becoming redundant every year, I believe the need for quality, affordable and proven information, to help new business owners strike out on their own, will continue to grow. Robert Allan compared these information and tool providers to the “pick and shovel” outfitters of the Klondike Gold Rush between 1896 and 1899. The Kindle and iBook lists have exploded with how to books for new business owners in recent years.

    Wishing you a very prosperous and memorable 2014,


    • says

      Hello Cole,

      You are a hundred percent correct! With the increase in retrenchment, comes a great demand for information to beat that present state.

      And the way this new style of business you mentioned is growing, I’m afraid, all the other ones may not be able to catch up. Why? It addresses man’s fundamental problem especially when he is in distress!

      Thanks for contributing and adding value to the entry.


  2. says

    I was really blessed with your write ups. What does it take to be a blogger. Must you have a computer knowledge or how do you start it.

    I have thought of the dropping off kids in my estate but when i did the calculation, it looks unprofitable considering what the parents can pay and the fuelling and maintenance, not to talk of what i should take as the driver( which might not be obvious but important to be calculated as part of the expenses.

    What do you think about printing of recharge cards. Do i need to go for training on that.

  3. Arun says

    These are some excellent ideas. Sometimes I imagine that offline businesses might be a hassle pulling off but I guess with some creativity and outsourcing some functions its possible.

    • says

      Hello Arun,

      In business (both online and off), you’ve got to be supremely creative and I dare say, intelligent, to compete on a competitive footing.

      If you’ve missed these two elements (and cannot make up for them in any way), please ensure that you have serious guts and can work long and very hard hours!

      Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your comment!


  4. says

    Blogging is a great business idea since you can incorporate affiliate marketing into it as well – another moneymaking idea with a bright future right now! If you can find your niche reason or angle that will make your blog successful and well read you’ll have a real moneymaker. This is because you will have plenty to write about that’s interesting and plenty of regular readers to interact as well.