5 Big Ideas For Blogging When No Ideas Come To Your Head

Blogging without ideas

Sometimes, the blanks simply have a field day! You wake up and discover that you have to blog and yet have no single idea what to put up online! Previously, I shared some tips about blogging daily even when you’d rather not – and the post was a success in its own regard: this entry is in a manner of speaking a nice continuation of that post but with a different twist – it aims to help you when all the previous tips already alluded to have failed. And failed woefully!

So, what do you do on a fresh day – or on any other day that you are supposed to update your blog and discover that you have no ideas running? How do you overcome such a terrible blank and still have something meaningful to share with your audience? The answers are quite simple and straight forward.

Share An Infographic

An infographic could be described as a pictorial representation of how to do something or the graphical portrayal of some universal truth. No matter the definition you are comfortable with, the fact remains that a picture is worth a thousand words and your readers clearly understand this fact.

However, in sharing an infographic with your audience, ensure that you publish only infographics that are related to your niche and actually do less of writing during such a post (the infographic is supposed to be worth a thousand words, remember?)

In terms of quality, your infographic must be clear and very visible for it to be appreciated. Often, straining one’s eyes to read the text of an infographic is a bad sign and actually portrays lack of professionalism. Ensure too that you carefully read the content of the infographic to ensure that it meets set standards and isn’t some cheap crap…believe me, many are. Then share and quote your source…it’s as easy as that. Really.

Ask Your Readers Some Important Questions

In my earlier entry, how to write what your readers want to read I did mention (as one of the numerous points), asking them directly. If you have been wanting to carry such an action out, no time is better to execute such an action than when you wake up with a blank head and have no idea what exactly to share with the world!

But, you may also have a blank day in this respect as well and it won’t be a new idea if you cannot even frame the questions. Don’t worry, you can always start by: “What will you want to read here next time you visit?” And believe me, the questions will naturally flow and may well run into a thousand words.

Be however careful that this method will work great if you have a budding community of readers anxious to consume every post of yours – otherwise you may as well be asking the questions to yourself. Remember too that when the answers are proffered, you must ensure that you abide by them and actually take them serious. You wanted to please your readers, didn’t you?

Address Some Contradictory Issue Raised By Another Blogger

If you’ve been around the blogosphere for some time, you’ll notice that some bloggers may raise some issues which are contradictory at best or points which you do not agree with at worst. It would be a great idea to note down such blog posts when you check out other blogs and comment on the inherent contradiction you noticed with a link back to the original post. Believe me, if the original poster has ping back enabled, you would soon see a brilliant comment from him or her.

The caveat about this point is that you must not engage another blogger over a trivial manner or engage him/her for the sake of ridicule…the rule here is that though you have the right of self expression, others also have same and are protected from your unwarranted attack…be thus moderate in such an engagement and concentrate on your opinion or knowledge. However, when you state facts, be sure to adequately quote the source and be willing to produce it if you are eventually called upon to do so.

Publish A Guest Entry Or A Review

If you have a great blog, it would be nice to ensure that you do not reject guest entries outright. You should not also make it a point of duty to give an exact date of publication – giving a range is a far better and smarter option. For instance, you may simply acknowledge the writer who sent in the entry and inform him/her that you would publish the entry “within the month” or “within the week” and inform him/her appropriately. Using such an approach, you can easily publish such an entry on one of those days when inspite of all your genius, you fail to publish anything on your blog when you should have an entry on.

Or, you may have used a service that is great. Or read a book or used a great plugin or theme. Why not sign up as an affiliate (if the option is available) and earn some cool bucks by publishing a review about it? If you are interested in this option, you may consider an entry I did sometime ago about how to make money online writing reviews.

Write A Follow Up To Your Previous Articles

Follow up articles or entries are posts that further explain or complete previous ones already published. This is especially true if you have not expressly mentioned that there would be a follow up but decide at the eleventh hour that some of your entries need a better ending or a more logical conclusion. In such a case, it wouldn’t be out of place to ensure that you repeat the same title but either add ‘II’ or ‘2’ at the end. An example would be 5 Big Ideas for Blogging When No Ideas Come to your Head II. See?

Or, you can employ this method when you have discovered that a previously published post is in dire need of an update and instead of sorely updating the post, you nicely make it a point of duty to write an updated version of the post and insert it’s link (and a nice note explaining things) on the old entry. What could save a day better than this?

Have A Nice Day!

Nice days are increasingly hard to come by these days…however, you’ll have to believe me that you have the power to either make or mar your own day. Please, choose the former and ensure your day winds up not only nice, but great!

Yours For Free!

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