3 Tools To Help You Blog Daily

Blogging every day the sun rises is quite a challenge, no doubts. However, if you have in place certain tools, the whole idea would be a lot easier to bear – and you may actually enjoy the process thoroughly. Remove these three most important tools and you may begin to have challenges and may actually fail to keep your schedule.

What are the three most important tools that you may need to have (especially if you live in the tropics like me?)

How to blog daily

Tool 1: A Tablet Computer (Preferably An iPad)

If you live in a place where power supply isn’t constant (or supply from the national grid is an issue), you simply have to have a tablet around. This should not be the cheap Chinese models available from the numerous Chinese stores. What I recommend is the iPad – however, if you cannot afford it, any product that has a reputable battery span (and runs on Android) would be great.

Even if you live in Western Europe or North America (places where power does not theoretically go off), you may need to take a brief vacation or journey to a place where your laptop may either be inconvenient or the just over 3 hours it returns prove to be quite miserable. In such an instance, you’ll be glad you have another smaller computer in form of the iPad. Believe me, with it’s over 10 hours battery life, I have always found a way to craft up to 3 marathon posts on the device before the battery goes down.

Can you imagine?

Tool 2: An Impressive (Solar) Power Bank

Recently, I got the Allpowers 23000 mah Solar Laptop Powerbank from Amazon. This external battery, aside the fact that it’s a true 23000 mah rated external battery, combines the ability to charge cell phones, tablets and laptops beautifully with its solar function. This means, you can easily recharge the powerbank in instances where electricity from the national grid becomes an issue or is simply impossible.

Aside the solar – charging function, you will also be amazed that this charger charges via the conventional AC power outlets in just five hours. On a full charge (of the external battery), my iPad recharges about 4.5 times – and I am talking in terms of 0 – 100%!

This typically means that once I have a full charge of my laptop, iPad and the external battery on any given Sunday, I am usually dead certain that I will be able to blog daily for the rest of the week without recourse to power from the national grid. Quite an amazing tool you must acknowledge.

Tool 3: An App That Is Compatible With Your OS

A typical tablet isn’t built like a conventional PC. To thus turn your tablet to a blogging machine, you must ensure that you have the necessary apps that would aid that dream. WordPress (the most popular blogging platform) has an app for both iOS and Android systems. While these applications are not certainly the best you can find around, they are surely better than attempting to blog from the backend of your blog directly using the default browser that came standard on your tablet.

Last year, I ran a review about Blogsy the app I use on my iPad to churn out great posts day in, day out. While Blogsy isn’t exactly free, it is by far the best practical and user friendly app for bloggers I have yet to come across.

What Exactly Do You Use For Blogging Daily?

Do you keep a daily blogging schedule? If so, congratulations! You belong to an exclusive club htt though is very easy to join, quite difficult to stay in. As a special request from me, would you mind sharing the awesome tools that make blogging daily for you an ultimately rich and rewarding experience?

Yours For Free!

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