3 Tools To Help You Blog Daily

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Blogging every day the sun rises is quite a challenge, no doubts. However, if you have in place certain tools, the whole idea would be a lot easier to bear – and you may actually enjoy the process thoroughly. Remove these three most important tools and you may begin to have challenges and may actually fail to keep your schedule.

What are the three most important tools that you may need to have (especially if you live in the tropics like me?)

How to blog daily

Tool 1: A Tablet Computer (Preferably An iPad)

If you live in a place where power supply isn’t constant (or supply from the national grid is an issue), you simply have to have a tablet around. This should not be the cheap Chinese models available from the numerous Chinese stores. What I recommend is the iPad – however, if you cannot afford it, any product that has a reputable battery span (and runs on Android) would be great.

Even if you live in Western Europe or North America (places where power does not theoretically go off), you may need to take a brief vacation or journey to a place where your laptop may either be inconvenient or the just over 3 hours it returns prove to be quite miserable. In such an instance, you’ll be glad you have another smaller computer in form of the iPad. Believe me, with it’s over 10 hours battery life, I have always found a way to craft up to 3 marathon posts on the device before the battery goes down.

Can you imagine?

Tool 2: An Impressive (Solar) Power Bank

Recently, I got the Allpowers 23000 mah Solar Laptop Powerbank from Amazon. This external battery, aside the fact that it’s a true 23000 mah rated external battery, combines the ability to charge cell phones, tablets and laptops beautifully with its solar function. This means, you can easily recharge the powerbank in instances where electricity from the national grid becomes an issue or is simply impossible.

Aside the solar – charging function, you will also be amazed that this charger charges via the conventional AC power outlets in just five hours. On a full charge (of the external battery), my iPad recharges about 4.5 times – and I am talking in terms of 0 – 100%!

This typically means that once I have a full charge of my laptop, iPad and the external battery on any given Sunday, I am usually dead certain that I will be able to blog daily for the rest of the week without recourse to power from the national grid. Quite an amazing tool you must acknowledge.

Tool 3: An App That Is Compatible With Your OS

A typical tablet isn’t built like a conventional PC. To thus turn your tablet to a blogging machine, you must ensure that you have the necessary apps that would aid that dream. WordPress (the most popular blogging platform) has an app for both iOS and Android systems. While these applications are not certainly the best you can find around, they are surely better than attempting to blog from the backend of your blog directly using the default browser that came standard on your tablet.

Last year, I ran a review about Blogsy the app I use on my iPad to churn out great posts day in, day out. While Blogsy isn’t exactly free, it is by far the best practical and user friendly app for bloggers I have yet to come across.

What Exactly Do You Use For Blogging Daily?

Do you keep a daily blogging schedule? If so, congratulations! You belong to an exclusive club htt though is very easy to join, quite difficult to stay in. As a special request from me, would you mind sharing the awesome tools that make blogging daily for you an ultimately rich and rewarding experience?

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  1. sodeeq says

    I love this write up, succinct and straight to the point.
    The WordPress app is really fantastic and it is as well a whole better than the Blogger app provided by Google (I have tried both).
    Some other apps I would like to this list are :
    Facebook Pages Manager
    The twitter app
    Google analytics app.
    And how much did you get the power bank for from amazon?

    • says

      Hello Sodeeq,

      The apps you mentioned are quite great – in their personal respects; however, I don’t see how they directly help with blogging daily. Could you explain?

      The solar power bank was bought from Amazon for only $106.99.

      Do have a very great day!


  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Another worth mentioning tool is internet subscription.

    Without that, one can’t be online to publish new post.

    I voted this on kingged

    • says

      Hello Decoslim,

      I took it that an internet subscription is very basic and hence the omission. Afterall, you still need a connection irrespective of the fact that you blog daily or not, right?


  3. Mi Muba says

    Hi Akaahan
    Did you notice how things are changing fast in blogosphere. A few years ago just quantity was required. Which means a lot of posts with lot of keywords and lot of their submission to get back link.
    All of a sudden the whole empire of quantity fell down and everybody was talking about quality.
    Then quality started ruling. You needed to post even once in a week, no need to stuff keywords and just submit your blog url into high quality directories. Even then Google promised to give you high PR and it did happened.
    But now we are listening whispers of both quality and quantity. Now we are required to post daily and of high quality. That is why everywhere tips and tricks are on to post daily.
    You also made a wonderful effort to solve the problem of those who want to post daily and equally with quality. You did your job wonderfully and thanks a lot for these novel ideas to work on posting daily.
    I found this post at kingged.com and also kingged it there.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Hello Mi,

      We live in times that are seriously changing: to appreciate these times, we must know exactly what they demand of us. Believe me, the current demand is quality + sufficient quantity.

      Have a very great day!


  4. Emmanuel says

    I was very much interested in the Allpowers solar powerbank and checking the price at $109 on Amazon and compared to what it does, I don’t think this is going to be a bad at all.

    Te sun shines free here but yet still when the light goes off, we find ourselves in all sorts of dilemma. The truth of the matter is that you cant trust the ECG which literally translate Electricity Company of Ghana(ECG) but in real sense give us Either Candle or Generator. Hahaha!

    I am on a laptop and don’t have an Ipad though but it is worth considering buying one as well but as you said, going in with the cheap imitation Chinese ipads is a disaster.
    I did find this post of yours shared on kinged.com

    • says


      I run three blogs right here in Nigeria and I cannot begin to imagine how I would have coped should I be relying on my laptop alone. It is quite sad that PHCN only gives power when it deems fit. Sometimes, it can be as infrequent as once a month! Can you imagine?

      If you can afford the iPad and the solar powerbank, please, do.


  5. says

    While i agree that a tablet can be useful in blogging, i don’t ever like to publish from my tablet, i prefer the PC whenever i want to publish a new content. I can only use the tablet to comment moderation or other off-page SEO.
    Power supply is also a very important need for blogging as it is required to power our devices. I have a power bank for my mobile gadgets and i find them useful when am on the go.

    • says

      Hello Desmond,

      That was my belief a few months ago. However, with the Blogsy app, all my posts are crafted professionally and saved to my WordPress installation backend. When I log on, I simply access the post and it’s as easy as publishing via a traditional PC with no limitation at all!

      Sometimes, we are just very comfortable with an option. I believe that is the case here.

      Make the day great – and try publishing from an iPad (with the Blogsy app installed). I believe you’ll have a different story!


  6. says

    Hi Terungwa,
    I use many tools to blog daily! 😀 Tablet computer is helpful indeed, especially with regards to power supply savings. However, there are still some Chinese make that are durable and awesome.

    I think what is important is the ability of the device to process with more speed and save power for the user.

    Yes, if someone is blogging from the tropics, there are so many challenges but there are still powerful tools that individuals can actually apply to deal with these challenges.

    By the way, I am keen on checking out what the Solar Power Bank offers!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.

  7. sherman smith says

    Hey Akaahan,

    I definitely feel you my brotha on this!

    I was in the Dominican Republic some years back and they didn’t have the greatest consistent power. The power would go out every couple of hours, which made me appreciate where I live more.

    But you talked about some great alternatives! The Ipad is great and having a solar power source like the Allpowers 23000 is great. I’ve seen something similar to this here in the United States but it’s not as popular. Now there are the MacBook Airs where the power last a long time. They use more flash memory and don’t require a lot of power. They can last 8 to 10 hours!

    But I do have to agree with Mi Muba. It was just a couple of years ago where it was recommended that you churn out killer posts everyday to get great results. Now days you need to be more focus on your audience and put out more quality post which doesn’t have to be everyday. I myself blog once a week and am getting as much traffic as i did when I was blogging everyday. That is a major plus!

    Thanks for sharing and I will definitely keep these in mind!

    • says

      Hello Sherman,

      I completely agree with your submissions except on the comment of Mi. Mi was actually of the opinion that blogging daily and ensuring quality is the best combination.

      I sincerely appreciate your comment and do wish you a very great day!


  8. says

    One of my favorite tools/app is Google Drive. I like to create all my content in Google Drive and import it into WordPress later. This way I never lose content if I have an issue with WordPress (I have never lost content in drive but I have in WordPress) Also, Google Drive works well on the computer, tablets and smartphones.

    The only downside to this is formatting your content when you paste it into WordPress. Unfortunately there is no easy way to copy from drive to WordPress and keep a nice format. So I do spend some time reformatting in WordPress but well worth it in my opinion.

  9. says

    Hi Terungwa,

    Good to be here again after a bit gap.

    Indeed these tools are very essential for an uninterrupted blogging!

    These days here in India the power supply goes quiet often and in summer the long hours of official power cut is a common phenomenon. I am now using an inverter to tackle this and I am satisfied with it with not much expense. It runs for almost four hours, it backup is very good till today. So thinking for a solar power bank is not in line. And of course a tablet computer’s need too will not arise when continuous power supply is there.

    An App that is compatible with your OS is the only one left out, that is a good idea to have one

    Thanks again Terungwa for these tips for an uninterrupted blogging needs LOL

    Keep sharing

    Best Regards

    ~ Philip

    PS: Hey I found this post at kingged.com and I up-voted it and shared this comment there,

  10. says

    I really appreciate your effort to observe the needed things of bloggers routine and put the words in this article. If i am not wrong then i hope you have shared your own experienced Tools in this article that you use every day.

    I am using Tablet Computer so, yeah this is certainly a need. Rest, Power Bank and Compatible apps are also one of the most usable things and we can’t ignore those any-more. Thanks for this short and sweet article Terungwa.

    Keep sharing Bro. I found this great article on kingged.com

  11. Daniel Keltner says

    Hi Akaahan,
    This is my second visit on this site and again i found an interesting and useful post on this site.
    I read all the three tools and its so needful for me.Once again i would like to appreciate your thoughts and the way to express in a simple manner.
    Thanks for sharing….

    • says

      Hello Daniel,

      I appreciate the great words of encouragement. Simplicity and minimalism are the core values here…you shall always see everything expressed in that light.


  12. kartik chugh says

    This is very useful tools Without that, one can’t be online to publish new post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. says

    Good post and a very interesting one at that. I live in a place where electricity is not really an issue but I think blogging could be a lot of fun if done via mobile devices (Tablets). Imagine writing a great post while relaxing on the couch.

  14. says

    Wow, I liked the power bank with 23000mA power. Sure it will help me go ahead without the fear to not find the charging option. As a blogger, the biggest challenge is to keep on blogging on scheduled time. I am not standard as per my schedule, but I am working around to find a way.

    My Lumia phone helps me a lot, in writing blog posts as it has the nicest touch keypad in the world. I just draft and keep it, later I change it when I am on my laptop.

    Blogging daily will be way hectic for me as of now, will stick to weekly schedule.

    • says

      Thanks for that wonderful opinion, Rohan!

      Personally, the 23000 mah power bank does a plethora of things for me – and I so love this device! It makes sure that all my posts are on time and what’s more: I work when I like without the fear of power failure.

      Honestly, the daily schedule can really be hectic and a bit challenging. I’ve accordingly changed that to once a week (on Wednesdays) myself.

      Make the day great!


  15. aceclue says

    Hi Terungwa,

    I really commend the tools you mention here to blog daily. Blogging daily with quality content proves effective to gain larger audience and loyal readership. Such blogging habit ensures that whenever a visitor check your blog, he finds something new to read.

    • says

      I quite agree with you…fresh content is loved by both readers and search engines alike. However, the pattern does not really suit everyone…the grand plan is thus to make sure that you are ready for such an amazing frequency first – then deploy the (correct) tools.

      Make the day great!